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Wroxton Lane road closure tomorrow

Please note the message below from Jen Cross:

‘Wroxton Lane outside Rivendell will be blocked at 10.00am for 2 hours on 6th December 2022 as we will be pumping liquid concrete over our house. Please ask the villagers to seek an alternative route during that time and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.’

Road Repairs on Wroxton Lane 24 -27 July

Drainage work and carriageway patching on Wroxton Lane is programmed by Oxfordshire county council from July 24 for 3 days.

The plan is to install a new offlet and larger diameter pipe to outfall into the stream opposite Horley Mill, and resurface the rough bits of road and re-profile around the gullys opposite Brook House to hopefully avoid water ponding issues.

The existing offlet opposite Horley Mill will be moved slightly towards the bridge, and the pipe trench hand dug because of the services to align the pipe through the gate so it doesn’t kink as now.

Water Leak in Wroxton Lane…

Note from Simon Atfield, Chairman of the Parish Council:

“I have been having various conversations with Thames water regarding the leak outside April Cottage. They initially said it was being fixed last Friday but have now said they are coming to have another look tomorrow (Monday) and will then schedule in the work which should be quite quick.”

Fingers Crossed then!

Thanks to Horley Parish Council

After many years of errosion and damage we now have a kerb to protect the grass verge on upper Wroxton Lane.  The repair and widening of the road should also mean that water will flow into the drains and provide a little more space for passing parked cars.

Thank you again Horley Parish Council, what a difference it has made already, Debra

Kerbing Scheme Completion – work to restart on Thursday Feb 11th

Work to complete the Wroxton Lane kerbing scheme is expected to take up to 3 days starting from Thursday February 11th

road closed

This will involve the contractor laying the correct colour conservation kerbs.

Once again, during this time the road will be closed to through traffic but with access to frontages and for emergency vehicles, and no parking along the section affected.

The contractor has apologised for the inconvenience caused by his mistake and thanks you for your patience. The end is in sight!

Wroxton Lane Closed – 1st Feb for 5 days

Temporary Road Closure for kerbing work with “no waiting” restriction in Wroxton Lane From Feb 1st for 5 days

road closed

The closure is for the week commencing 1 February, and is to permit the County Council to carry out kerbing works along the east side of Wroxton Lane for approximately 70 metres between The Steps and The Old Chapel.  Conservation kerbs are to be installed along this length to protect, and prevent further erosion to, the verge.  These works are being funded by the Parish Council.  The works will not narrow the existing carriageway.

During the work the road will be closed to through traffic, but access be maintained to frontages and for emergency vehicles.  No parking will be permitted along the section affected during the works, so any residents who do normally park in this area are asked to park elsewhere.

For more information see the Notice and Plan on Parish Council Notice Board.

NOTE: The Notice refers to Horley path road, which is confusing, but the road it relates to is Wroxton Lane, as shown on the plan.