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Here’s the latest notices sent to our Parish Council or picked up on Social Media platforms that we thought you might be interested in, they are shown here in the month posted:

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County Councilor-page-001

August 2016

road closure

Manor Farm Barn

July 2016

waste recycling-page-001Email received from The Waste Management Team at OCC

RE: Household waste recycling centres consultation

Council is implementing the Household Waste Recycling Centre strategy that was passed by cabinet on the 15th December 2015.

Part of implementing the new strategy is procuring a new management contract to operate the HWRC sites. We would like to know residents views on measures that could be implemented at sites to make savings and create income.

There will be a consultation on these proposals running from 14th July to 11th August 2016. This consultation is open to all Oxfordshire householders to comment on.

Understanding public views, opinions and preferences is key to our decision making process.

The consultation documents are available online at and we encourage people to complete the response questionnaire. If residents need support to take part in this consultation we recommend they contact the county council on 01865 816043 or email

To make sure that as many people are given the opportunity to respond as possible, we would be grateful if you could also display the enclosed poster and pass this information on to other members of your parish council.

Yours sincerely,

Waste Management Team

Email: /waste      


June 2016

Letter relating to the closure of the Mobile Library Service in Oxfordshire

Dear Clerk,

I am writing to confirm that, regretfully, the mobile library service in Oxfordshire will cease to operate in September.

This difficult decision was taken in February following extensive public consultation on proposals to make huge financial savings across all county council services. As a result of reductions in the money the council receives from central Government and rising demand for essential services such as social care for vulnerable adults and children, we are currently in the process of having to save £361million between 2010 and 2018.

We know how greatly the mobile library is valued by its users, and are encouraging  people to continue borrowing books from the service until the last round of visits begins on Monday 5th September. The final day of the service will be Friday 16th September.

Service users will be offered alternative library provision through our network of 43 library buildings; our online library services; and our Home Library Service.  Oxfordshire Library Service already has a successful Home Library Service that works through paid staff, partners and volunteers to deliver books and resources to those residents who are unable to get to a library themselves, and this is being expanded to accommodate any additional demand.  

Schools have already been notified and our general service users will be informed formally of the changes and alternative provision by letter on June 6th.

I would like to thank you for the support you have given to the mobile library service and I do hope that we will be able to work with our service users to find suitable ways for them to continue accessing library services in the future.

Yours faithfully,


Jillian Southwell

Library Service Manager

Oxfordshire Libraries

May 2016

16 06 13 public notice-page-001

April 2016

Recycle for Cherwell@CherwellRecycle Apr 4 Recycle your small electrical items by popping them in a carry bag on top of any bin & our crews will recycle them!

recycle electricals

March 2016

Community First Oxfordshire (CFO) Bulk Oil Buying Scheme

16 03 09 notice board leaflet-page-001 (1)

16 03 09 CFO membership leaflet-page-001

16 03 09 CFO membership leaflet-page-002


Horley Parish Council has received a report by the Parish Remuneration Panel making recommendations regarding the levels of parish remuneration.

The proposals of the Parish Remuneration Panel are in the following document:

16 03 09 notice re members’ allowances


January 2016

road closure notice

road closure Plan

Next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday January 7th

A meeting of the Horley Parish Council will be held in the Old School Room at:

7.30 pm on Thursday 7 January 2016.

 It is proposed that the principal business to be conducted will be considered in a private session, which the public will not be able to attend, due to its confidential nature.

For anyone wishing to see a copy of the agenda for the meeting, see 16 01 07 agenda or contact the Clerk to the Council, David Marriott on 07872 930030.



November 2015

Help with a tax problem page-001

Help with a tax problem April page-002


CHT info awareness sessions


October 2015

Intermediate Care Consultation poster

September 2015

school heating cold

Oxfordshire Advocacy: free advocacy services

Oxfordshire Advocacy materials for newsletter

Banbury Job Fair. Sept 2015. Jobseeker

August 2015


15 08 01 waste strategy consultation poster

15 08 06 conclusion audit notice

July 2015



  • Thames Water to take on the responsibility of 4,000 sewage pumping stations from property owners and managers
  • Utility will take over electricity and maintenance costs under new legislation, potentially saving customers thousands of pounds
  • Firm appeals for help tracking 1,800 ‘missing’ stations

Thames Water is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations.

The utility, which serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, will take responsibility for around 4,000 pumping in October 2016, but needs to track down 1,800 currently off its radar.

New legislation means sewage pumping stations, which power wastewater away from properties and out into the public sewer pipe network, currently owned and maintained by customers will become legally owned and operated by the local water company.

The pumping stations are found in all shapes and sizes, and can be in places where there are a number of properties needing to connect to the public sewer network. Customers will know they have one as they’ll be paying to maintain and power them.

Jerry White, of Thames Water, said: “This is really good news for customers. We’d urge anyone who thinks they may have one to get in touch so we can check they are eligible for the transfer of ownership. In some cases, as well as electricity savings, maintaining and replacing pumps can cost thousands of pounds so it’s an excellent deal for them.

“We believe we know where approximately half of the stations we need to take over are, but really need help to find the other 1,800. Please get in touch if you think this applies to you and we can take on the responsibility forever.”

Anyone with a private pumping station can make Thames Water aware at

Notes to editors

A sewer pumping station is likely to be ‘adopted’ by Thames Water if it:

  • was in use before July 2011 (and)
  • serve a single property, and is outside the property boundary (or)
  • serves two or more properties

More information:

Dial a ride poster

June 2015


A message from the Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards Service:

To reduce the amount of personally addressed junk mail coming through your door, contact: The Mail Preference Service, Freepost 29 LON20771, LONDON, WIE 0ZT or telephone 0845 7034599. Allow at least four months before you see a reduction in the mail received.

To reduce the amount of telephone calls, contact: The Telephone Preference Service, DMA House, 70 St. Margaret Street, London, WIW 8SS. Telephone: 0845 0700707. It will take up to 28 days for the calls to be reduced.

May 2015

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor or would like to find out more, please contact the clerk, David Marriott, on 730726 or or the Chairman, Simon Atfield on 738898.

Vacancy for Councillor on HPC

Vacancy for Councillor on HPC

Changes to Horley’s Bus Service (effective from May 31st)

Hornton – Horley – 504

Hornton Green 10.00 11.40 Banbury Morrisons R R
Horley Red Lion 10.05 11.45 Banbury Bus Station 11.15 13.15
Banbury Tesco 10.15 11.55 Banbury Castle Street 11.18 13.18
Banbury High Street 10.20 12.00 Banbury Tesco 11.23 13.23
Banbury Bus Station 10.25 12.05 Horley Red Lion 11.33 13.33
Banbury Morrisons R R Hornton Green 11.38 R

R = served on request (Morrisons served only if passengers are dropped off there on inbound journey)

Walk to remember, Marie Curie at Blenheim Palace – 8th August

WTR Blenheim Palace Poster


Mobile Library changing to Wednesdays from 8th July

Mobile Library Visit Poster

Public Notice: Audit of Accounts for 2014 – 2015

15 05 03 audit public notice-page-001

PC audit public notice


Further Update to the Arrival of High-Speed Broadband

 The latest information from The Better Broadband team states that the roll out of high speed broadband is anticipated to be completed by the end of June and will apply to post codes which are linked to the relevant cabinet (Wroxton Cabinet 2) These include:

OX15 6BB, OX15 6DY, OX15 6BF, OX15 6BE, OX15 6BG, OX15 6BQ, OX15 6BH, OX15 6DZ, OX15 6BJ, OX15 6AX, OX15 6BL and OX15 6 BD.

Note: Currently there is only one postal codes NOT included: OX15 6BN  as they are not yet connected to the Wroxton P2 cabinet.


Hear About Local Plans for Health Services in North Oxfordshire

North Forum public event - 12 May 2015 poster (2)-page-001

APRIL 2015

Age UK Oxfordshire Banbury Hustings – 5th May ‏

Banbury Hustings

10.30 – 12.00 – In Banbury Town Hall

This event will be focussed on the issues that are important for older people and those attending will have the opportunity to as questions and hear from candidates how they will make Banbury and the UK a ‘great place to grow older’.

MARCH 2015

Grab your free bag of compost on Sunday 26th April!

Collect a free bag of compost and discuss any recycling issues with people  from Cherwell District Council at Windsor Street Car Park between 9am – 1pm. Blue and brown bins on sale for £10. Free kitchen caddies and recipe books and more….

Compost Giveaway Posters - Banbury-page-001

Banbury Compost Giveaway

Banbury Compost Giveaway





Update to the Arrival of High-Speed Broadband

 The latest information from The Better Broadband team states that the roll out of high speed broadband is anticipated to be completed by the end of June and will apply to post codes which are linked to the relevant cabinet (Wroxton Cabinet 2) These include:

OX15 6BB, OX15 6DY, OX15 6BF, OX15 6BE, OX15 6BG, OX15 6BQ, OX15 6BH, OX15 6DZ, OX15 6BJ, OX15 6AX, OX15 6BL.

Currently there are two postal codes NOT included: OX15 6BD and OX15 6BN  as they are not yet connected to the Wroxton P2 cabinet.


High-speed broadband arrives in Horley

 As part of the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme, a fibre-enabled cabinet is now live and ready to take orders in Horley.

This means that 187 residents and businesses in the parish will be able to request upgrades to fibre-enabled broadband from a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In most cases this means that residents can select a product offering download speeds above 24Mb/s following infrastructure upgrades made via Better Broadband for Oxfordshire.

The aim of the £30m programme, funded by Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and BT, is to provide access to fibre-enabled broadband where this is not commercially viable without public sector investment.

The cabinet in the following location is now sporting a large sticker declaring “Fibre broadband is here”. This indicates that the cabinet is live and ready to take customer orders:

Horley Cabinet 6 is located opposite Wroxlea, Horley Path Road junction and Stratford Road, Oxfordshire and will serve the following postcodes:

  • OX156ED
  • OX156QE
  • OX156EF
  • OX156QF
  • OX156EG
  • OX156QG
  • OX156EH
  • OX156QP
  • OX156EJ
  • OX156QR
  • OX156EL
  • OX156QS
  • OX156EN
  • OX156QW
  • OX156EQ
  • OX156QX
  • OX156EZ
  • OX156JD
  • OX156PU
  • OX156PX
  • OX156PZ
  • OX156QA
  • OX156QB
  • OX156AY
  • OX156QD

Please note that improved broadband services are not turned on automatically. To access fibre-enabled broadband, please contact your chosen ISP or use comparison sites to find available packages. There is a list of ISPs on the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website:

If you contact an ISP, state that you wish to order ‘fibre-enabled / superfast broadband’ otherwise they may offer you a slower broadband service. Your chosen ISP should be able to offer any technical assistance necessary to access fibre-enabled/superfast broadband.

It is important to note that not all premises within a postcode area will necessarily be able to order superfast speeds (above 24Mb/s). Premises will be able to access a range of speeds – some will get superfast broadband and others will be able to get anywhere between 2Mb/s and 24Mb/s, depending on distance from the cabinet.




Are you eligible for free loft and cavity insulation?

You could receive up to 100% funding for loft and cavity wall insulation to help keep your home warm this winter!

Call Green Homes Together on 0300 1113330 or click here to find out more.

Electoral Review of Cherwell

Cherwell-dr-summary-image-2014-12-09The Independent Local Government Boundary Commission is asking people across the Cherwell District to comment on the new proposed electoral arrangements.

The draft recommendation for the Wroxton ward to which Horley currently belongs, is to combine with Cropredy and the Sibfords with 3 councillors.

The review aims to ensure that each Cherwell councillor represents roughly the same number of voters and that ward boundaries reflect the interests and identities of local communities.

For more information and interactive links see this link.

Have your say

If you have views to support these recommendations or would like to propose alternative arrangements please email or in writing to:

The Review Officer (Cherwell), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, Layden House, 76-78 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5LG.

Broadband in Oxfordshire

To see an update on faster broadband in Oxfordshire and when its coming to Horley just enter your postcode on this site Better For Oxfordshire .

Also see letter from Tony Baldry re broadband


Winter Awareness campaign in Oxfordshire

14 12 16 OCC poster


‘Be prepared, be healthy and be safe’

The campaign covers information and alerts on a range of topics including gritting alerts, snow clearance advice, tips on staying warm and consumer advice from Trading Standards.

See this link for more information.



   DECEMBER 2014

Volunteer Drivers

As you may have seen in the December edition of Horley Views or on the notice board, volunteer car drivers are required for the Cherwell area to help people who need transport – this may be for such things as a hospital appointment or shopping.

Volunteer Connect  is a service which connects people in need of transport with volunteer drivers. It is run by the Citizens Advise Bureau in Banbury from their office in the market place.

Maybe you know of someone that could use this service and you could tell them about it; or maybe you would like to volunteer yourself? Perhaps this service could help our rural community?

To find out more: Call 0300-3030125 or email  or call in to the CAB offices

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