Polite Advance Warning of Potential Noise

Gaby Proger of Horley Cottage wishes to warn people in advance of potential noise from a party they are holding on Saturday (Nov 16th) afternoon:

‘Hi all, I wanted to warn everyone that we are hosting a laser quest party for Lex on Saturday afternoon. I wanted to warn you that between 2.30 and 3.30 there will be some loud bangs and music. Apologies in advance.

Thank you.”  Gabby

A Film for Garden Lovers Sunday 8th December

An exclusive viewing of the film ‘Five Seasons’, ‘an immersive and meditative documentary about the revolutionary garden designer Piet Oudolf’, will be shown on Sunday December 8th at 6.30, at the Old School, in aid of Katherine House Hospice. Click here to see a trailer.

To reserve tickets email janecmwilliams@gmail.com or text 07899025235.

VE Day 8th May 2080

Advance Notice of Significant Event in 2020

8 May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE day, the day in 1945 when the second world war in Europe finally came to an end.  The armed forces charity, SSAFA, are planning activities to mark the occasion, and are encouraging members of the public and community groups to become involved.  They have written to Horley Parish Council asking for the Council’s assistance in publicising the event.

SSAFA are asking for church bells to be rung at 7.00pm on Friday the the 8th, and that church services of commemoration be held on Sunday the 10th.  In between they encourage communities to celebrate the anniversary through parties and other such community events.  If anyone is interested in becoming involved, or organising a community event, they are recommended to visit the SSAFA website set up for this anniversary at www.veday.org.

More information from the SSAFA can also be seen in 19-10-17-ve-day-letter