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Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

Your Weekly Update

Message from Glenys Kyle, group coordinator:

‘The Horley CV Liaison group has been meeting regularly, but virtually of course, rather than face to face, and here is a summary of what we have been up to.

We have now distributed an information leaflet to all homes in the village, and I hope you have had a chance to read it. A good number of you have already been in touch with suggestions and offers of support for the village – thank you so much. Just to remind you, here are the contact details for the group:

email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030.

Our volunteer network is strong and growing by the minute, and through that group we now have arrangements in place for the collection of prescriptions for vulnerable people in Horley, as well as more general support with shopping and so on.

We are continuing to do what we can to keep track of any concerning changes in people’s health in the village. The position is the same as last week. We know of no known case of COVID19 here in Horley.

Di Marriott has been updating Horley Views with other developments. You may have seen that like all other churches, ours is now closed until further notice. On a more positive note, the Dun Cow (Hornton) is offering a new delivery service for take-away meals. Should anyone be interested, the menu is available on Horley Views and on the Dun Cow’s own website. And of course, our own Red Lion continues to offer a much-valued drinks take-away service for all in the village.

Thank you for all your help and cooperation. We really appreciate it and feel sure the village as a whole will benefit from it in the weeks ahead. We hope you welcome this weekly update, and will do our best to keep you informed on a weekly basis during these troubled times’.

Glenys Kyle

Dun Cow Offers Takeaway Meal Service to Horley Residents

The Dun Cow Hornton

Enjoy a Takeaway meal from Hornton’s Dun Cow

Steve and Rebecca from the Dun Cow in Hornton have kindly offered to extend their takeaway meal service to Horley residents.

To view their current menu click here.

To order call 01295 670524 from 5pm – 8pm Daily or email

For more information on the Dun Cow click here.

Red Lion Takeaway Service

Takeaway service to be trialled for a week 

This week’s Guest beer is Farmers ‘Irish Dexter’ – described as ‘A deep red coloured ale with a malty, sweet flavour and a dry finish’. Delicious!

Dave says:

‘We hope this service has benefit to the general well being of our community in difficult times. We will trial it for a week to judge the response.’

See poster below for information.

Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group

About Your Local Support Group

Message from Glenys Kyle, group coordinator:

‘The Horley CV liaison group is now established, with Di and David Marriott, Alison Tite and Glenys Kyle as members. Together we have lines of communication with all the main groupings in the village, thanks to many others here who together make this village what it is. We will shortly be distributing a simple information leaflet throughout the village, so please look out for it. It contains contact details for the group for all in Horley to use if they need to get in touch: ie email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030.

Meanwhile, rest assured that we have mapped all homes and all known family units in Horley, and worked with others to identify those known to be vulnerable. We are doing our best to navigate our way around everyone’s data protection and information rights, hoping to strike the right balance, and certainly we will not be disclosing anyone’s personal data to anyone, without specific permission. We already have a small band of willing volunteers to help those needing help, and of course welcome any others who wish to volunteer.

 Currently, we have a small handful of people in the village who are self-isolating or where the family unit is in quarantine for cautionary reasons, but no known case of coronavirus – so far as we are aware. We would like anyone considering themselves vulnerable to get in touch, using the telephone number or email address shown above, so that we can be sure that you are supported. Similarly, it would be helpful to know of anyone who believe themselves to have the virus symptoms, so that we can keep track, on a confidential basis. We appreciate that some people will not want to tell us, and of course you may choose not to.

Thank you for all your help and cooperation. We really appreciate it and feel sure the village as a whole will benefit from it in the weeks ahead.’

Glenys Kyle

Support Your Local Pub!

Red Lion Horley Take Away Service

It’s good to know that in these difficult times of social distancing and self isolation that you can still get a pint of your favourite tipple at your local pub of the year The Red Lion!

They can sell most of their products including draught beers and there’s a 10% discount if you bring your own container!

To get your order in just text or call 07918 670840 during the following hours: Tuesday – Saturday  14.00 – 20.00 and Sunday 12.00 – 18.00. Cheers Nash and Dave!

Horley CC Help During Current Health Crisis

The Cricket Club wish to help the village during the current medical situation:

‘We re-iterate the field is available for people to walk round, including with their dogs.  Clearly we ask that pet owners are responsible with their pets. We do ask that walkers  (and pets) do not go on to the main pitch area in the middle of the field.

‘The Club will be putting out benches this weekend for anybody to sit on and enjoy the fresh air and views. The benches will be properly spaced apart.’

‘It should be noted that currently there are no hand washing facilities available at the ground.’

‘For your information, the English Cricket Board have recommended that all recreational and local cricket is suspended until further notice.  Clearly we do not know how long that might be and this could have implications on the Club’s income.  We are confident however of getting through this with the help of all.’

David Beck, Chairman Horley Cricket Club (0785 2998172)

Horley Sets up Coronavirus Help Group

Judy Duck with her mask

How You Can Help or Ask for it During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Following on from the ‘Be A Good Neighbour In Horley‘ notification sent on Monday, we now have our own ‘Horley Coronavirus Liaison Group’ comprising Glenys Kyle , Alison Tite , Di and David Marriott.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone is looked after during this difficult time, especially if they are self isolating and need help.

We will be coordinating those groups (Ladies Guild, MHT, etc) along with individuals who are offering support and those requiring  assistance. If you would like to help or require it,  please contact

We also want to keep people  aware of the current government policy ie

  • Social distancing for all especially for those over seventy, vulnerable or pregnant  
  • Wash those hands with soap, frequently, for 20 seconds
  • Isolation for fourteen days should any family unit member exhibit symptoms ie a new continuous cough or high temperature
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when you sneeze (not your hand)

NOTE – We will not be providing individual or collective medical advice. 

In the meantime should you come across people whilst out walking who don’t want to stop and chat remember it is not because they want to ignore you it is because they are practicing ‘Social Distancing’!