These are the current trustees of the MHT and their contact details:

Member Role Contact Details
Mike Patching Chairman  Tel: 01295 730039
Sue Patching Trustee Tel: 01295 730039
Julie Attfield Trustee Tel: 01295 738898
Graham Curd Trustee Tel: 01295 738624
John TIte Trustee Tel: 01295 738334
Barry Moss Treasurer Tel: 01295 738490
Rachel Curd Ex Officio Trustee Tel: 01295 738624
Julian Wright Ex Officio Trustee Tel: 01295 738514

The Trustees are all unpaid volunteers working to administer the Trust and support the children of the village. In the awarding of grants, the trustees undertake to:

  • Act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner
  • Provide information and assistance with applications
  • Maintain confidentiality for all applicants
  • Provide clear feedback if an award is declined or reduced
  • Protect the sustainability of the Trust
  • All awards are made at the discretion of the Trustees who may vary the terms of the scheme at any time.