Village Maps

Street Maps of Horley

As seen in the Horley Views welcome leaflet, to see full index scroll to the bottom with some house names where size permits are showing on the map.

Horley map 1 and 3

Horley map centre

map 4 enlrged-page

Apple Barn House, The Wroxton Lane HO
April Cottage Wroxton Lane GP
Bayliss Orchard Hornton Lane CO
Beech Court Manor Orchard EO
Boma, The Wroxton Lane GO
Box Cottage Wroxton Lane GO
Bramshill Barn Old Manor Court GO
Bramshill Manor Manor Lane GN
Bramshill Park Farm Clump Lane Map 4
Branflith see Manor Orchard No 5 FO
Brantwood House Gullivers Close GP
Brook Cottage Wroxton Lane KO
Brookfield No 6 Old Council Houses Wroxton Lane JP
BUS STOP Hornton Lane EP
Chapel Cottage Wroxton Lane HP
Church Cottage Hornton Lane DN
Clump House Hornton Lane CM
Cottage, The Hornton Lane FO
Cricket Field Banbury Lane FQ
Cwech see Gullivers Close No 6 GP
Dairy Court Holly Tree Farm, Hornton Lane DO
Delphi Hornton Lane CM
Dog House, The see Old Council Houses, No 2 JO
Driftway see Manor Orchard No 2 FO
Endells Cottage Little Lane FO
Essex House Hornton Lane DN
Fairvale Church Lane DN
Field House Church Lane FN
Foxhill Hornton Lane Map 4
Glebe House Hornton Lane Map 4
Gracemead No 5 Old Council Houses, Wroxton Lane JP
Gracombe House Hornton Lane BM
Greenside Wroxton Lane GP
Greystones Wroxton Lane JO
Gulliver’s Cottage Wroxton Lane GO
Gullivers Close, Nos 1-11 Gullivers Close GP
Hadsham House Hornton Lane Map 4
Hawthorns, The Wroxton Lane GP
Heathcote Hornton Lane DM
High View Hornton Lane CM
Hilary Cottage Wroxton Lane GO
Hill Crest Hornton Lane DN
Hillandale Gullivers Close HP
Hillside Farm Wroxton Lane GP
Holly Tree Farm House Hornton Lane EO
Horley Cottage Hornton Lane DN
Horley Fields Farm Hornton Lane Map 4
Horley Gardens Hornton Lane CO
Horley House Hornton Lane CN
Horley Lodge Hornton Lane CM
Horley Manor via Little Lane FN
Horley Mill Wroxton Lane KO
Ivy Cottage Wroxton Lane HP
Jasmines, The Wroxton Lane HP
Jays, The Wroxton Lane GP
Lane Close, No 11 Banbury Lane FP
Lane Close, No 12 Banbury Lane FP
Lane Close, Nos 1-6 Lane Close EP
Lane Close, Nos 7-10 Lane Close FP
Lanterns Gullivers Close HP
Lawn, The Wroxton Lane JO
Lion Cottage Hornton Lane FP
Lower Field Barn Clump Lane Map 4
Manor Cottages, Nos 1-4 Manor Orchard EO
Manor Farm House Banbury Lane FP
Manor Orchard, No 1    Stonebank Manor Orchard FP
Manor Orchard, No 2    Driftway Manor Orchard FO
Manor Orchard, No 3    Walnut Tree House Manor Orchard FO
Manor Orchard, No 4    Rose Cottage Manor Orchard EO
Manor Orchard, No 5    Branflith Manor Orchard FO
Marine Cottage Wroxton Lane JP
Martins Church Lane EN
Meadow House Gullivers Close HP
Meadowside Hornton Lane CM
Melling House Hornton Lane DN
Midhill Wroxton Lane HP
Mulberry Barn Old Manor Court GO
Mulberry House Banbury Lane FP
New Cottage see New Farm House FP
New Farm Hornton Lane AM
New Farm House Hornton Lane FP
Oakdene Hornton Lane DN
Old Barn, The Old Manor Court GO
Old Chapel, The Wroxton Lane HP
Old Council Houses, No 1    (Tookawile) see Tookawile JO
Old Council Houses, No 2The Dog House Wroxton Lane JO
Old Council Houses, No 3 Wroxton Lane JP
Old Council Houses, No 4 Wroxton Lane JP
Old Council Houses, No 5(Gracemead) see Gracemead JP
Old Council Houses, No 6    (Brookfield) see Brookfield JP
Old Forge, The (Wroxton Lane) Wroxton KO
Old Post Office, The Hornton Lane EP
Old School, The via Little Lane EO
Old Smithy, The Hornton Lane DN
Orchard House Lane Close EP
Park Cottage Hornton Lane EO
Park House Hornton Lane EO
Phlox Cottage Wroxton Lane JO
Prospect Villa Wroxton Lane GP
Quantock House Church Lane FN
Red Lion Hornton Lane FP
Rivendell Wroxton Lane HO
Rose Cottage see Manor Orchard No 4 EO
Roseacre Wroxton Lane HO
Rowarth House Church Lane EN
St Elmo Church Lane EN
Saint Etheldreda’s Church Church Lane EN
Savee Farm Hornton Lane Map 4
School House, The via Little Lane EN
Shippon, The Old Manor Court GO
Smarglen Holly Tree Farm, Hornton Lane DO
Sor Brook House Farm Hornton Lane BN
Southern Light Gullivers Close HP
Stonebank see Manor Orchard No 1






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