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Covid-19 – Be A Good Neighbour in Horley

‘As everyone cannot help but be aware, Covid-19 is here and poses a threat to all our health and wellbeing.

There is a wealth of official advice being issued on a regular basis, to which, as a Parish Council, we are unlikely to be able to add.

However, we believe we should do what we can to support the implementation of this advice, and ensure our community in Horley pulls together and looks out for our neighbours  This especially important for those who may not have family or friends locally, and those who are vulnerable or elderly. We are looking to set up a group to keep an overview of the situation in the village and to coordinate whatever help is available If there are residents who feel isolated and worried.

To this end I have asked Glenys Stacey to put together a small group of residents representing different existing groups in the village who can work out what we can do and take appropriate action.

While this is being set up, any residents who have urgent concerns can make contact via the Parish Clerk, David Marriott.

Obviously, there is a lot to consider and we won’t be able to provide perfect solutions, but I sincerely hope this will help the village through these uncertain and difficult times.  In the meantime, it is important that anyone who experiences the early symptoms (fever, cough) should self-isolate straight away and if possible, make neighbours aware of this.

For more information on NHS and government sites click here. Please pass this information on to those who you know do not have access to the Horley Views Website and look out for further updates.

Best wishes

John Tite, Chairman of Horley Parish Council’

A Big Thank-You to the Hardy Litter Pickers!

 ‘The Parish Council would like to convey their thanks to all the hardy souls who turned out last Saturday morning to carry out the annual litter pick. It is noticeable how much tidier the verges are now, and an impressive pile of rubbish was collected on what was a bitterly cold morning. Well done and thank you everyone.’

David Marriott, Horley Parish Clerk

Parish Council Tidying Up the Village Saturday January 13th

“The parish council is looking to organise a working party to clear up the overgrown triangle of highway land opposite Horley Mill in Wroxton Lane.

The clear up will take place on Saturday 13 January starting at 10.00 am.  Assistance from anyone willing and able to lend a hand will be appreciated, and if you are planning come along, please would you let the council know by emailing the Parish Clerk, David Marriott, at horleyparishclerk@btinternet.com.”

David Marriott

Special Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 30th November

A special Parish Council Meeting will take place at 7.30 on Thursday November 30th in the Old School Room.The meeting has been called so the Council can decide on their response to Cherwell District Council’s consultation on a planning application submitted by the cricket club to build a new pavilion.

The public are welcome to attend the meeting as usual, and if anyone would like to address the Council or make any comments on the application please notify David Marriott by email at  horleyparishclerk@btinternet.com or on 0787 2930030 before the meeting.The opportunity to address the Council is at the Chairman’s discretion.

The Agenda Items comprise:

  • Apologies for absence
  • Planning application for the erection of a new cricket club pavilion
    • The Council has been consulted by Cherwell District Council, seeking the Council’s comments on a planning application submitted by Horley Cricket Club.  The application seeks consent for the erection of a new pavilion, an extension to their site and a change of use of adjoining agricultural land to provide off street car parking, and alterations to the existing pavilion to form an equipment store and score box. A copy of the application and plans will be available for inspection at the meeting.  Meanwhile they can be inspected in advance of the meeting by visiting Cherwell District Council’s on-line planning system here.
  • Date of next meetings :
    •  Thursday 1st February 2018 at 7.00
  • Any other urgent business 

For full copy of agenda see 17 11 30 agenda

Do you know of any unpaid carers in Horley?

‘This year the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire is Mrs Sarah Taylor.  She has chosen to make her theme for the year the plight of unpaid carers in Oxfordshire.  Apparently, across the county there are very many people who have been forced to give up work in order to care for someone else.  She is working with a group called Carers Oxfordshire, whose role is to provide support to people working as unpaid carers.

The parish council is not aware of anyone in this position, but if there is and they would like to speak to Carers Oxfordshire, if they contact me I will put them in touch.’ David Marriott

David Marriott
Horley Parish Clerk
07872 930030

Parish Council Tidying Up the Village Saturday July 9th

TidyUp2[1]The Parish Council has agreed to carry out some work to tidy up the area of land at Wroxton Lane, next to the Old Council Houses and opposite Horley Mill.

Oxfordshire County Council has confirmed that this land is public highway, but it is not covered by any maintenance contract.  Consequently the Parish Council has decided to act in order to tidy the land up. The work is planned to take place on Saturday 9 July.

Don’t Forget …. ‘Clean for the Queen ‘ Annual Village Litter Pick on Saturday March 5th

Clean-for-the-Queen‘Clean for the Queen’ and Help keep our village litter free by joining the annual spring clean for HM 90th birthday!

On Saturday 5 March the Parish Council is assisting Cherwell DC in organising the annual village litter pick.  This year Cherwell are trying to make a special effort to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.  Volunteers are sought to meet at 10.00 am on the 5th outside the Old Post Office.  Cherwell are providing plastic sacks and litter pickers, as well as protective gloves and high vis tabards.

Please give up an hour to help keep Horley beautiful!