Michael Hardinge Trust

The Trust maintains the spirit of Michael Hardinge who died in 1627. In his will he left  money and land for the education of the children of Horley. For information on the history of the Trust click here. Today it is managed by locally appointed trustees. For current members see list.

It is responsible for the running and maintenance of the school and schoolhouse. The  income derived from from their letting helps provide educational grants to support Horley children at various stages of their education. For information on grants and their availability click here.

It also assists local children’s sporting and social activities and sponsors the local junior cricket teams with funding and competition shields

‘The people of Horley give us great support and the trustees are determined that The Trust will go forward and  flourish for as many more years as in the past in the spirit that Michael Hardinge intended, and are keen to continue to develop the school into a community facility for the use and benefit of all but particularly children’. Mike Patching, Chairman.

MHT also runs the Village Lottery and Cinema Club via committees.

For further information please contact the Chairman or any of the Trustees. See list.