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Jammin’ 4 Gary – 1st May


A huge thank you to everyone that came and those that helped make wonderful tribute for Gary possible. It was everything we’d hoped for and more, we feel very blessed having such a fabulous family and friends, and being a part of such an amazing community. We were so moved by the palpable feeling of love, laughter and the uplifting music.


We raised £350 in cash for Thames Valley Air Ambulance that has been added to the online total of £3,398.15. Thank you to everyone that donated so far as we have exceeded our target of £2500 for just one flight.

I know many of you still wish to donate so lets pay for another flight for someone else.

You can donate online https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/GaryDFox or as I’ve done for others let me have your donation and message so I can post it for you.  Whatever works for best for you, my email is theboma@icloud.com .

Below is our visit on Tuesday 2nd May to meet the crew and see the Air Ambulance that landed on our Cricket Field. Thank you all again for love and support,  Deb, Grant & Lauren xxx

Family Visit Thames Valley Air Ambulance







We’re Jammin’ For Gary

We’re Jammin’ for Gary to celebrate the many roles of The Fantastic Mr. Fox and fund raising for Thames Valley Air Ambulance as they landed on our Cricket Field to help him.

One of the many roles Gary played was that of  a “Pied Piper”; he managed to get so many children and adults to join in the concerts that we started in Horley. Gary loved reggae and a strong bassline, so its “gonna be all about the bass” and “we’re jammin’, jammin’, we hope you like jammin’, too.

This event will also raise awareness for both the “Hands off Horton” Hospital campaign and the Youth Offending Service, both of which were very important to Gary.

To read more about Gary, how to make a donation to the Air Ambulance and to leave us a message please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/GaryDFox

Thanking you in advance, with love Deb, Grant and Lauren xxx

Please note that due to the capacity of our church this event is invitation only, we have tried to include everyone via a Facebook invite and email. However if you knew Gary and you would like to join us on Monday 1st May then please email theboma@icloud.com so if numbers permit we’ll try and “jam” you in!


Gary Fox

As most of you will have heard, Gary died unexpectedly from a heart attack on the morning of Wednesday 10th.

I take immense comfort from the fact that he knew I was with him and that it all happened quickly. I also know that both the incredible team of emergency paramedics and doctors, as well as myself did everything we could to try to save Gary. A team of 7 arrived very quickly in ambulances and by helicopter, providing emergency care for Gary at home and to the John Radcliff Hospital where he sadly passed away.

We have been overwhelmed by the love that the village has shown to us, from your messages, flowers, food and offers of help. In time we hope to be able to spend time with you, and take you up on these offers. It has really shown us what living in a community like ours is really about.

We have decided to have a private cremation and when we are able, will get together with small groups of friends and family to share our memories.

For now, we are looking forward to September when Grant gets married and Lauren starts her final year at University.

Thank you for your love and support

Debra x

IMG_1716 (1)

Horley Walk Original Maps Drawings

I came across these original drawing maps for the Horley circular walk that Mike Patching, Margaret Condon and I worked from with Kevin Larner (CDC).   I will also share the artwork and photos that are contained in this leaflet https://thehorleyviews.com/horley-village/horley-circular-walk-2/ . Debra

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Please Be Considerate – Bonfire Guidelines

IMG_0137Soon we will be out clearing up our gardens and making way for spring. This time of year we like to open up our windows and bring fresh air into our homes. It’s also a time when people like to have the occasional bonfire and there are no laws preventing you from doing so. However you could always consider other ways of disposing of your waste such as composting and recycling?

If you do still want to light a bonfire then by following these guidelines it will help ensure your smoke is reasonable and respectful of your neighbours:

  • Only burn dry material
  • Never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, or anything containing plastic, foam or paint
  • Never use engine oil, meths, petrol or paraffin to light the fire or to encourage it
  • Avoid lighting a fire when weather conditions are unsuitable. smoke hangs in the air on damp, dull days and in the evenings
  • Avoid burning when the wind will carry the smoke over or into other people’s properties
  • Avoid burning at weekends or holidays when people want to enjoy their gardens
  • Avoid burning when the air quality is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’
  • Never leave a fire unattended or smouldering

Excerpt from Cherwell County Council Environment http://www.cherwell.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=10282

Thanks to Horley Parish Council

After many years of errosion and damage we now have a kerb to protect the grass verge on upper Wroxton Lane.  The repair and widening of the road should also mean that water will flow into the drains and provide a little more space for passing parked cars.

Thank you again Horley Parish Council, what a difference it has made already, Debra

Activity Review – thehorleyviews 2015

Below are some excerpts from a report based on the activity statistics in 2015 for our village site thehorleyviews.com :

In 2015, there were 175 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 220 posts.

The busiest day of the year was October 5th with 185 views, with the most popular post that day was Wow That’s A Lot of Apples!.

Thehorleyviews was viewed about 17,000 times in 2015. There were 336 pictures uploaded, averaging about 6 pictures per week.

Most visitors came from United Kingdom with the United States & Bahrain not far behind, from a total of 63 countries.

The most-viewed pages where:

1 Calendar

2 Planning

3 Parish Council Meetings

4 2015 Midsummer Night’s Dream

5 Notice Board


Click here to see the complete report.

What A Wonderful Village Life

This made my day!

It’s our first “Contact Us” ‏email and shows an outsiders perspective:

> Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015  > To: HorleyViews@outlook.com  > Subject: Your Website

Hello. I was actually looking for Planning information at Horley, Surrey having been a previous resident there. Thinking this may be a new site within the Parish, I clicked on. WOW… how I wish I had lived in your Horley! This is magnificent. You actually cater for all of the village with films and all the other interests.

I have passed through the village on the main through route several times and often wondered what it would have been like to live there, now I know. You have a great village and a wonderful village life.

Long may it continue. John Potts , Former Horley (Surrey) resident.