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Parish Council Tidying Up the Village Saturday January 13th

“The parish council is looking to organise a working party to clear up the overgrown triangle of highway land opposite Horley Mill in Wroxton Lane.

The clear up will take place on Saturday 13 January starting at 10.00 am.  Assistance from anyone willing and able to lend a hand will be appreciated, and if you are planning come along, please would you let the council know by emailing the Parish Clerk, David Marriott, at”

David Marriott


Special Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 30th November

A special Parish Council Meeting will take place at 7.30 on Thursday November 30th in the Old School Room.The meeting has been called so the Council can decide on their response to Cherwell District Council’s consultation on a planning application submitted by the cricket club to build a new pavilion.

The public are welcome to attend the meeting as usual, and if anyone would like to address the Council or make any comments on the application please notify David Marriott by email at or on 0787 2930030 before the meeting.The opportunity to address the Council is at the Chairman’s discretion.

The Agenda Items comprise:

  • Apologies for absence
  • Planning application for the erection of a new cricket club pavilion
    • The Council has been consulted by Cherwell District Council, seeking the Council’s comments on a planning application submitted by Horley Cricket Club.  The application seeks consent for the erection of a new pavilion, an extension to their site and a change of use of adjoining agricultural land to provide off street car parking, and alterations to the existing pavilion to form an equipment store and score box. A copy of the application and plans will be available for inspection at the meeting.  Meanwhile they can be inspected in advance of the meeting by visiting Cherwell District Council’s on-line planning system here.
  • Date of next meetings :
    •  Thursday 1st February 2018 at 7.00
  • Any other urgent business 

For full copy of agenda see 17 11 30 agenda

Next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 16th November

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place at 7.30 on Thursday November 16th in the Old School Room. The meeting is open to the public, and if anyone wishes to address the Council on any of the items on the agenda, please notify David Marriott on  0787 2930030 or email before the meeting. Whilst there is no absolute right to do this, the Chairman has the authority to permit it if he chooses to do so.

The Agenda Items comprise:

  • Apologies for absence
  • Declaration of Interests
  • Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd August 2017
  • Matters arising
  • Finance
    • 2017/18 budget monitoring report to 30 September 2017
    • Budget for 2018/19
    • Audit of Accouns for 2016/17
  • Land adjoining the Old Council Houses, Wroxton Lane
  • Planning Report
  • Applications for charitable donations
  • Grass Cutting Contract
  • Highway Matters
  • Disabled Access to the Church and the Old School
  • Reports from external organisations
  • Date of next meetings :
    •  Thursday 15 February 2018 at 7.00
  • Any other urgent business 

For full details of items and reports see 17 11 16 agenda

Noise Phobia in Pets

How To Take The Bang Out Of Bonfire Night


Bonfire night can be a terrifying time for pets. Dogs are particularly vulnerable but all animals can suffer from the stress created by fireworks.

For advice on managing pet noise phobias click here for advice from West bar Vets.


New Charges for Non-Household Waste

From 1 October Oxfordshire County Council are planning to introduce charges for the disposal of certain items at their waste and recycling centres such as Alkerton.  The charges do not apply to normal household waste or garden waste, but apply to the sort of waste generated by DIY projects similar to builder’s waste.

For more information click here.