The Parish council’s powers and responsibilities are governed by Statute law.  However, the Council has adopted a set of Standing Orders which are attached below.  These are the rules which the council has adopted to regulate how they conduct their business, how meetings are conducted, and how decisions are made.  They also include financial regulations which regulate how expenditure is approved and incurred.

Also attached below is the Code of Conduct which the Council has adopted, and which describes the way in which Councillors are expected to conduct themselves in undertaking their role as members of the Council.  The code of conduct also governs how Councillors should deal with matters where they hold a personal or financial interest.  All Councillors have completed a schedule of such interests which can be seen under Register of Members’ Interests and is held by the Monitoring Officer at Cherwell District Council.

standing orders as of 13 July 2015

Standing orders as of 24th September 2014

14 09 24 code of conduct