HHH Gardening Club

The Three H’s Gardening Club is named after the three villages it serves – Horley, Hornton and Hanwell


Take place at 7.30 pm in the Hornton Pavillion, usually on the second Tuesday in the month. There is a guest speaker at each meeting followed by coffee/tea and biscuits. Meetings are free to members. Non members (visitors to the area or those who are interested in joining) are charged 50p, including refreshments.

Committee / New Members

Contact Sally Tweedsmuir on 670608 or Malcolm Cross 670562 on for more information.


Membership is £10 per year, running from May to the following April. Club funds rely significantly on the annual plant sale in May to produce money to keep the membership fee so low.

Treasurer/Membership Secretary  Malcolm Cross 670562

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