Children’s Cinema Club

The children’s cinema club will normally be on the Saturday immediately after the Adult film show. Entry for all those attending is free; refreshments are available at cost price. The films will start at 10.00am and run for approximately 2 hours. Children will have to be registered with the staff running the club and a contact telephone number lodged with the club.

Children’s Terms and Conditions. The children’s Cinema Club operates under the umbrella of the Michael Hardinge Trust; it is managed on behalf of the Trust by the Horley Cinema Club Committee.

  1. Admission to the Children’s Cinema Club is free for both children and accompanying adults. In accordance with certification guidelines all children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Entry to the cinema is on a first come first served basis.
  2. Films with a certification of U or PG may be viewed alone by children aged eight or above with parental consent, however, children aged eight or above must be accompanied by an adult when viewing films with a certification of 12A / 12.
  3. Young people aged twelve or over may view films with the following certifications unaccompanied with parental consent. U, PG, 12A / 12.
  4. Parents & guardians should be mindful that they take sole responsibility for judging the content and suitability of the film in regard to their child and any child in their care. Accompanied or unaccompanied. Information on film classification may be found on the parent web-site of the British Board of Film Classification at
  5. In regard to unaccompanied viewing, parents and guardians must supply a telephone number from which they are instantly contactable in case of emergency. It is also a requirement that they are available for return within a very short period of time.
  6. Parents & guardians are responsible for the safe of arrival and departure from the club of children in their care. In the absence of a phone call to the designated club phone number (excluding voicemail and text) volunteers will be at liberty to conclude that parent / guardians have decided that unaccompanied children are to make their own way home.
  7. Children in attendance at the cinema must be made aware that they are to act upon any instruction given by the volunteer staff in regard to their behaviour or matters of health and safety.
  8. The cinema committee and its volunteers reserve the right to exclude any child that exhibits poor standards of behaviour from the film being screened and any future screenings.
  9. Parents & guardians are requested not to leave children at the club that they know to be unwell. Volunteers are unable to administer any form of medicine, they may, however, perform very basic first aid on occasion should your child require it. But please be aware that they are unlikely to be trained first aiders.
  10. In the unlikely advent of a serious accident, parent / guardians of unaccompanied children will be contacted by phone. The club reserves the right to call a doctor or ambulance should they deem it necessary. Volunteers may also in such circumstances give emergency first aid, even if they have received no formal medical training.
  11. Parent & guardians of children with special needs are requested to make any decision in regard to unaccompanied viewing, taking in to account that it is most unlikely that any member of the volunteer staff will be trained in child welfare. As a result of this the club committee and its volunteers can provide no greater level of responsibility than to that of any unaccompanied child.
  12. A signing in register must be completed when arriving at the cinema club; this register is for the purpose of emergency contact and role call in the unlikely event of a fire.
  13. A Horley child may on occasion bring a limited number friends to the club (subject to 24hrs advanced notification and confirmation by the committee) that do not reside within the village. Upon such occasion whether unaccompanied or other, it is deemed by the committee and its volunteers that the parents or guardians of the accompanying guests have accepted full responsibility for all children in their charge.
  14. Parents and guardians are advised that a minimum of two members of volunteer staff, male and female will be in attendance throughout. It should be noted that under such arrangements, CRB checks on volunteers are not required and in turn will therefore not be sought.
  15. The Children’s Cinema is run under a different license to that of Horley Cinema. Under the terms of this license entry to the screening of films on DVD release is free. The terms of the license also prohibit the sale of confectionary for profit. Children are free to bring their own refreshments.
  16. The children’s Cinema Club operates under the umbrella of the Michael Hardinge Trust; it is managed on behalf of the Trust by the Horley Cinema Club Committee. Any complaint against the Children’s Cinema Club must strictly be made in writing to the HCC committee courtesy of the MHT. The HCC committee will solely enter into written replies and reserves the right for all its decisions to be final.
  17. For the avoidance of doubt the committee regards the definition of Guardian to be anyone who has accepted any form of responsibility in regard to a child’s attendance at the Children’s Cinema.
  18. The committee reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the club. It further reserves the right to amend both film and viewing times.
  19. Information held on the child membership list will be regarded as confidential. The MHT on occasion may use the statistics within the list (age and numbers of children in the village) to further develop its charitable work.
  20. The Michael Hardinge Trust determines that Parents and Guardians of children attending the Children’s Cinema Club have accepted all terms and conditions.