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Kerbing Work in Church Lane due to start Dec 3rd

Work to install kerbing outside the church to commence on Monday December 3rd between the hours of 08.00 – 16.00 for up to 2 weeks.

At the request of Horley Parish Council, Oxfordshire County Council have agreed to install a kerb along the east side of Church Lane, adjacent to the church boundary in order to protect the grass verge from further erosion.  Conservation kerbs will be used to match those existing at the Hornton Lane/Church Lane junction.  Work is programmed to start on 3 December, and may last for up to two weeks.  The road will not be closed, but no parking will be permitted along the section affected during the working day. For more information see the Parish Council Notice Board.

Kerbing Scheme Completion – work to restart on Thursday Feb 11th

Work to complete the Wroxton Lane kerbing scheme is expected to take up to 3 days starting from Thursday February 11th

road closed

This will involve the contractor laying the correct colour conservation kerbs.

Once again, during this time the road will be closed to through traffic but with access to frontages and for emergency vehicles, and no parking along the section affected.

The contractor has apologised for the inconvenience caused by his mistake and thanks you for your patience. The end is in sight!

Kerbing Scheme Delay

Completion of Kerbing Scheme in Wroxton Lane Delayed

road sign

Unfortunately the County Council’s contractor has ordered the wrong kerbs, and has installed them.  The Parish Council had asked for conservation kerbs in a colour known as harvest buff, which is the best match for the existing street scene, but the kerbs which have laid are a much lighter colour.  Consequently the contractor has been asked to remove the kerbs laid and replace them with the correct colour at their own cost.

It is regrettable that there will be a delay to  completion, but the road will remain open to traffic in the interim.  The Parish Council sincerely regrets the inconvenience, but is determined to see the job completed using the materials originally selected. They will keep you updated as to an expected finish date.


Wroxton Lane Closed – 1st Feb for 5 days

Temporary Road Closure for kerbing work with “no waiting” restriction in Wroxton Lane From Feb 1st for 5 days

road closed

The closure is for the week commencing 1 February, and is to permit the County Council to carry out kerbing works along the east side of Wroxton Lane for approximately 70 metres between The Steps and The Old Chapel.  Conservation kerbs are to be installed along this length to protect, and prevent further erosion to, the verge.  These works are being funded by the Parish Council.  The works will not narrow the existing carriageway.

During the work the road will be closed to through traffic, but access be maintained to frontages and for emergency vehicles.  No parking will be permitted along the section affected during the works, so any residents who do normally park in this area are asked to park elsewhere.

For more information see the Notice and Plan on Parish Council Notice Board.

NOTE: The Notice refers to Horley path road, which is confusing, but the road it relates to is Wroxton Lane, as shown on the plan.