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IRONSTONE Chamber Music Festival 8th & 9th Sept

6th Ironstone Chamber Music Festival 2017 at St Etheldreda’s Church

Tessa & Chris Howell warmly invite you to this, the sixth Ironstone Chamber Music Festival. Our Artistic Directors Lucy & Kate Gould have assembled a wonderful array of first rate musicians including a flute player from Argentina, a Violinist from Spain and a much heralded Harpist. He, Oliver Wass has won the Guildhall Gold Medal – the first harpist to do so. Previous winners have been cellist Jacqueline du Pre, violinist Tasmin Little and renowned baritone Bryn Terfel.

Some of you will remember Robert Plane, principal clarinet with the National Orchestra of Wales, who has been associated with the music for Doctor Who!

Remember that Horley Residents come at a reduced price and Horley children come free thanks to the Michael Hardinge Trust. We should like to see as many of you as possible.

Friday September 8th at 7.30 pm, Saturday lunchtime concert at 12.30 pm and evening at 7.30pm.  Tickets available via Tessa on 01295 738313 or Also see our website for more details

Chris and Tess

Horley Views Writing Competition

Fancy yourself as a budding author or just like entering competitions?

Horley Views is pleased to announce a writing competition for all you budding authors and people who enjoy entering competitions.

Create a limerick, poem, short story or cartoon. Entries can be on whatever subject you wish but must be original work. A selection of entries including the winners will be printed in the next edition of the Horley Views magazine.  There is a limit of 500 words for each entry. No anonymous entries will be accepted. You may submit more than one entry and there are no age limits. Submissions may be hand written, typed or drawn.

The competition is divided into two categories: people aged 16 and under and those over 16. The best entry for each category will be awarded a prize and the editor’s decision is final. The completed entry must be sent to the editor Chris Howell: at


Fireworks – a polite request

There was a great fireworks display in the village this saturday night – congratulations to the pyrotechnician for putting on such a great show!

However for some dog owners who had not been made aware, the event was not such a great experience.

In order try to minimise the impact of potential disturbance to dog owners in particular in future, it would be appreciated if the display organiser enail the HorelyViews website at so that a timely warning can be posted.

Many thanks.



On the Loss of Beverley

Movingly , On June 11th Johnny (Beverley’s husband and soul mate) wrote:
‘Dear Family and Friends
I am so sorry to deliver this shocking and deeply saddening news by email.
Beverley passed away…..
As some of you will know, Beverley has been fighting pancreatic cancer for the last 19 months.  She has kept it quiet and private so many of you may be particularly shocked to hear this news.  I am sorry.
We will be planning a small gathering to remember her in a couple weeks.
Details will follow.
As you know, Beverley and I have been soul mates for the best part of two decades.  I’ve been battling with her through every step of this illness, but it is the worst of all cancers, and there was nothing more we could do.  Her mother passed away due to the same cancer 4 years ago.
Beverley celebrated her 50th birthday quietly on 3rd May.
Since her first diagnosis in October 2015 she has been positive, brave and got the most out of her remaining life.
After a whipple operation in January 2016 to remove part of her pancreas, we thought she had the “all clear”.  She worked hard on her diet and exercise to become as fit and outgoing as I have ever seen her.  We went for long (10+ miles) county walks from our Oxfordshire village to other villages and visited the pubs along the way.  Beverley set a blistering pace up and down the rolling valleys.
She had a second diagnosis in October 2016.  The pancreatic cancer had metastasised to her liver and lungs. We tried, unsuccessfully, to join a clinical trial at Cambridge University and made the most of the local restaurants on our frequent visits.  Unfortunately, however, we couldn’t get her blood results to meet the minimum requirements of the trial.
Still feeling fit through February 2017, we took a vacation in Dubai with great friends.  Unfortunately, that was when the symptoms of the new tumours also began to present themselves.  Since then we have been managing pain and trying other home remedies, like sea cucumber, which may have helped her the last month or so.
By late April Beverley was getting quite frail as the tumours grew and multiplied (one the size of a tennis ball in her liver).  We had been afraid of the words “palliative care”, thinking it was where you went when all other options were lots…while we were in the mind-set to keep fighting.  However, to our pleasant surprise, palliative care is awesome! They really know how to make people feel better – controlling things like pain and nausea that GPs are not equipped to cope with.  Moreover, you don’t have to give up the fight with palliative care.  We continued down the avenues we were pursuing but more comfortably for Beverley.
We checked her in to a charitable palliative care centre called Katherine House Hospice near where we live.  She stayed 10 days and they got her eating and the pain under control and then she came home shortly after her birthday.  She spent 5 weeks back at home and showed many sings of improvement and recovery in the first few weeks (possibly down to the sea cucumber).
In the last week or so, however, things started to deteriorate.  It’s been a roller coaster and we thank our friends and neighbours for their support.
We admitted Beverley back into Katherine House last Thursday afternoon after a couple seriously bad days at home.  Beverley said she was “ready to die” and “at peace with death” before we made the decision for her to spend her last days in the hospice’s experienced hands.
I’ve been at her bedside since we moved in and they have treated us like guests at a 5 star resort.  We had a huge private room, full board and wine with dinner (for me – she was on stronger stuff).
Her family and I are planning to celebrate her life in the next couple weeks (details to follow).
Meanwhile, please do not send any flowers.  Beverley would like donations to go to Katherine House Hospice instead.
Look forward to seeing or being in touch with you soon.
All the best.’
Johnny Lynn

Over £1700 Raised on Behalf of Beverley and Pancreatic Cancer UK

On Tuesday 6th June Beverley wrote about her friend Rozalind:

‘On the 3rd of June my beautiful friend Rozalind Beresford ran long and hard, through ponds, enduring the cold and mud and  jumped over obstacle  for 1 hour and 34 minutes.  Her endeavours raise funds  £1,512.36 + £193.75 gift aid for the devastating disease of pancreatic cancer that has sadly afflicted my family not only once, but twice within a matter of four years.

Roz did a remarkable job of coming 7th out of 250 women.

It has taken me over two years before I could actually even say the word “cancer”. It was too difficult to say without having an emotional reaction. My heart was so broken, just the word cancer had an overwhelming powerful negative effect.

I replaced it with the word “condition”. I felt the word cancer had such negative connotations that it would hinder me and replace my strong need for a positive outlook. I had to learn fast to train my mind to respond to ‘incoming data’ without fear. So I had to step into tomorrow without apprehension and not waste time with worry. Rather fill the time with creative thinking about how to move forward no matter what happens, no matter how the odds are stacked against you.

Anyway I digress, back to the cause,

This post was always about the huge thank you to everybody who made such wonderful generous donations to Roz. John, myself and Rozalined have been blown away by the generosity.

Thank you for from the deepest part of us.

Beverley Williams-Lynn

Here are some pictures of Roz doing the Wolf Run to raise funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Uk charity earlier this month.