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Help to reduce re-offending via your wardrobe…

See below for a request from Jenny Smith:

‘In a post Covid working from home world, the days of having to iron the shirt and polish your shoes has been sharply reduced, no doubt leaving many nearly new work clothes languishing in the wardrobe.

If anyone is looking to have a clear out ( this is a men only campaign I’m afraid!) Feltham Young Offenders Institution is desperately short of clothing to help young men who are looking to go on placements, job interviews or even work on day release. They would also really appreciate sports apparel, (trainers, football boots and sports kit) as these enable the young men to participate in physical activities.

Whilst these young people are of course in prison for a reason, many of them come from backgrounds that are very far removed from what most of us are lucky enough to grow up with. Without any chance of rehabilitation or hope of a different future, the cycle of reoffending and cost to the taxpayer and society continues.

I am visiting Feltham again on the 17th June  so if you have anything that you think might be useful, please let me know and I will take with me. I can come and collect, or feel free to leave a bag by the door. They are looking for smart and smart casual clothes and shoes for young men aged between 15-21 and I know would be hugely appreciative of any donations.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on


Jenny Smith

Chapel Cottage, Wroxton Lane

Horley Annual Parish Meeting on Thurs 11th May 2023 at 7.30pm

The annual Horley Parish Meeting will take place at The Old Schoolrooms at 7.30 pm on Thursday 11th May 2023.  This is an open meeting organised by the Parish Council at which any parishioner is welcome to address the meeting or ask questions.

 Could parishioners please confirm their intention to attend the meeting to the Horley Parish Clerk David M.Beck,  along with any subject(s)/questions they wish to raise at   0785 2998172 


  1. Introduction of Parish Councillors
  2. Hanwell Parish Council Representatives – 15 minute presentation of views on the Vistry Homes planning application on Warwick Rd 
  3. Michael Hardinge Trust Annual Report
    • John Tite to report 
  4. Cricket Club
    • David Beck to report
  5. Parochial Church Council
    • Representative to report
  6. Ladies Guild
    • Representative to report
  7. Red Lion Public House
    • Dave Morris to report
  8. Parish Council
    • Chairman of the Parish Council to report
  9. Any other business
    • Any questions or issues raised by members of the public

Horley Parish Council AGM on Thurs 11th May at 7.00pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Old Schoolrooms at 7.30 pm on Thursday 11th May 2023.
David M. Beck Clerk to Horley Parish Council

Agenda items:

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of Interests
  3. Nomination and election of the Chairman for the year
  4. Nomination and election of the Vice-Chairman for the year
  5. Allocation of responsibilities (2022 year’s allocations shown)
    • Finance and general purposes (Cllr Raper)
    • Highways and footpaths (Cllrs Curd and Hamer)
    • Proposed Wroxton Lane Car Park Project   Cllrs Attfield and Wythe
    • Planning (Cllr Barnwell)
    • Cricket club liaison (Cllr Attfield)
    • School liaison (Cllr Raper)
    • Michael Hardinge Trust liaison (Cllr Tite)
    • Quarrying, Ironstone and scout camp liaison (Cllr Barnwell)
    • Communications and notice board (Cllrs Barnwell and Curd)
    • Parochial Church Council and Ladies Guild liaison (Cllr Wythe)
    • Any other roles?
  6.   Dates for Future meetings
    • 27th July 2023
    • 19th October 2023
    • 18th January 2024
  7. Annual Audit
    • The Council’s Internal Auditor is auditing the Council’s accounts for the year 2022/23, and if his report is available at the meeting it can be accepted/approved. 
  8. Vistry Homes Planning Application Warwick Road – Horley Parish Council response
  9. Date of next meeting
    • To be agreed at item 6 above
  10. Any other urgent business
    Wroxton Lane Car Park update

See: or 0785 2998172

Horley Parish Council Meeting on Thurs 20th April 2023 at 7.30pm

A meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Old Schoolrooms at:

 7.30 pm on Thursday 20th April 2023  

The meeting is open to the public.  Anyone wishing to address the Council on an item appearing on the agenda is requested to notify the Clerk of the Council two days in advance of the meeting.

Agenda items:

1) Apologies for absence
2) Declaration of Interests
3) Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th January 2023
4) Matters arising
5) Finance
– Bank Statement to 31st March 2023
– 2023/24 Budget Monitoring Report
– 2022/23 Financial Year End
6) Relevant Correspondence including relevant planning notices etc
7) Parking issues at Wroxton Lane – update
8) Proposed Solar Farm – top of Banbury Lane
9) Dates of next Council meetings:
11th May 2023
7pm Annual General Meeting and approval of accounts after audit
7.30pm Annual Parish Meeting/Village Groups
27th July 2023
19th  October 2023
It is accepted extra meeting(s) may need to be called to discuss any outstanding matters when and if the situation was necessary
10) Any other urgent business


David Beck

Clerk to Horley Parish Council or 0785 2998172

Fly tipping

A large number of bottles were seen dumped on the old ironstone railway path at the weekend. This has been reported to Cherwell District Council but if you see any more examples of our lovely countryside being spoiled by fly tipping, please report it to CDC. Here is the link:

Ironstone concerts in September – would you like to help?

As you may know, Chris and Tessa Howell have stepped back from organising the amazing Ironstone Concerts in September.  However, the concerts are now under new management (wish us luck!) and will be on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September.

If you have hosted musicians in the past, we would be delighted if you are happy to continue.  If you would like to get involved in any capacity – hosting, marketing, fundraising etc, then please contact Many thanks!

Cat missing – please look out for her

One of Liz and Christian’s cats has been missing since Saturday 28th from Brook House along the Hornton Road. She’s a one-year old Maine Coon called Rosie. Quite large, long haired with very pointy ears; mostly dark but with white flashes. Please look in your garages, sheds etc in case she is trapped somewhere.

If you have any news please call either Liz or Christian on 07836 366100. Thank you.