Parish Council

Local Government in Oxfordshire

Local government in Oxfordshire is delivered by three separate councils:

The County Council: responsible for the largest strategic services such as education, social services, highways and transport

Cherwell District Council: responsible for more local services such as refuse collection, housing and planning.

The Parish Council: operates at the most local level, and is often consulted by the other authorities, particularly on planning applications submitted to Cherwell DC.

Composition and meeting frequency

The Parish Council comprises seven Councillors, (see councillors), and who are elected every four years.  The Council has five scheduled meetings a year, but may meet on other occasions if necessary to consider urgent business.  The Council is financed by a small precept which forms part of the Council tax.


The Parish Council’s priority is to safeguard Horley and ensure it continues to be the attractive village and healthy, safe community which is appreciated by all its residents.  From time to time it carries out minor works to maintain or enhance the environment, and it has an aspiration to provide a children’s play area.

See here for current list of councillors

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