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The Red Lion Pub

Red Lion to Host Rugby World Cup Final

Watch England win the Rugby World Cup amongst fellow supporters at the Red Lion on Saturday morning! 

The Red Lion will be opening at 8.30 this Saturday morning to enable local England fans to calm their nerves with a soothing pint (or tea or coffee if it’s a bit early!) while watching the big game! Come on England!

Progressive Dinner Around Horley – 22nd June

Get Booked in for the social event of the summer on Saturday June 22nd!

We will start our evening at the Red Lion pub, where each couple will be told who in Horley will be hosting them (and two other couples) for their first course. Off we go…!

Once we have a first course and a drink or two under our belts, our first hosts send each pair to different hosts, for their main course. And then the same again, for pud. So, during the evening we each eat, drink and laugh with about 20 people – old friends and new – before regrouping in the pub.

This isn’t just for couples. Singles come too, and together we have a great evening. The cost? A bottle of wine and twenty pounds per person. It’s a bargain – and the money we raise helps to fund our village church.

If you would like to come please email: Glenys_Stacey@hotmail.com or else ring: 01295 738951

Red Lion Closed Until 6pm 2nd May

Dave and Natasha receiving the 2019 Runners Up Award for North Oxon Pub Of the Year

The Red Lion Closes from today (23rd April) and reopens at 6pm on Thursday May 2nd to enable Dave and Natasha to enjoy a well deserved break and enjoy a holiday in Hong Kong to celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss!

Congratulations to an amazing couple who work tirelessly to please their clientele and maintain their sanity! This effort has also resulted in their being awarded the Runners Up prize for the North Oxon Pub of the Year 2019.

Well Done Dave and Natasha!