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Come along for a frugal lunch on Good Friday…

frugal lunchEnjoy a Frugal Easter Lunch at the Old  School at 12.30

Delicious soup will be served courtesy of the Ladies Guild.  All donations will go to Christian Aid.

Why not join in the Ironstone Benefice Pilgrimage first and work up an appetite before lunch! See https://thehorleyviews.com/2016/03/14/fancy-a-pilgrimage-on-the-benefice-trail/

Fancy a Pilgrimage on the Benefice Trail?

Ironstone Pilgrimage

Feeling Energetic at Easter? Why not join the pilgrimage of the Ironstone Benefice Trail?

Holy Week and Horley? So, for the energetic, you can start on Maundy Thursday (24 March) afternoon by joining the pilgrimage to walk the Benefice trail, which continues on Good Friday (25 March). Milestones are: leave Drayton church 1.45pm, Wroxton 3.00, Balscote 4.15, arrive Shenington 5.30ish and have a Seder Meal at 6.00 (a symbolic meal associated with the Jewish Passover). This is followed by a short Communion service in Shenington Village Hall, after which the tenacious can participate in a vigil into the early hours of Good Friday morning.

Part II of the Benefice trail pilgrimage starts from Alkerton church at 9.30am on Good Friday, takes in Hornton at 10.30 and arrives at Horley in time for the midday Stations of the Cross in St Etheldreda’s. As the name suggests, this is a service which charts Jesus’ journey to Calvary, symbolised by progressing round twelve ‘stations’ set out in the church with readings and singing at each. Following this service, there is a ‘frugal lunch’ in the Old School, from which the pilgrimage will complete the circle by continuing to Drayton, arriving 2ish for a devotional service at the Cross.

In Saturday newspaper ‘worthwhile walks’ terms, the Benefice trail would be described as ‘easy’ and open to all ages (children definitely welcome at all points), either in its entirety, or in sections, or just stay in Horley and come to the Stations of the Cross/the frugal lunch.

For more information about the route click here. For more information about the event contact vicarhugo@gmail.com / 01869 347889.

What’s On – November

Horley’s Christmas Market

Untitled_15725447330_lOur fabulous candlelit Christmas Market is being held in St. Etheldreda’s Church on Saturday November 28th between 5 and 7pm. Thanks again to the Ladies Guild (and their little helpers) there are some lovely stalls booked, including home made produce, Christmas decorations,  mulled wine and mince pies and of course, Father Christmas and his Chief Elf will be in their grotto loaded down with presents.

Wonder if we will have Horley’s very own wandering minstrels to accompany us throughout the evening to help prepare for Christmas and get into the festival spirit???  See Pictures from last year

Horley Bell Ringers

poppy-appealOn Remembrance Sunday 8th November a full peal will be rung between 14.00 and 17.00.  The band are experts so it should be high quality ringing.

What’s a peal…..?

the bellsA peal is when more than 5000 ‘changes’ are rung continuously and usually lasts about two and three quarter hours.   A ‘change’ is when the order of the bells is changed, so for example instead of ringing bells 1-2-3-4-5-6 in turn (called rounds), the order might become 2-1-34-5-6.  This is one ‘change’).    On six bells as we have in Horley, 720 different changes are possible, so to achieve the necessary number of changes for a peal,  the 720 changes will be rung seven times, each time in a different way.   As you can imagine, this requires great concentration and skill as there are no rests, breaks or swapping over ringers during the peal. 

Then there is a Horley practice on Friday 13th Nov from 7.30pm to 9pm and the Banbury Branch practice on Thurs 10th Dec from 7.30pm to 9pm

A Vanished Past:

Horley Clare Marchant Vol 1Horley Clare Marchant Vol 2

Hope your enjoying this glimpse into Horley’s past? Some aspects have really changed and yet there is something enduring about our village community that still prevails today. I have worked with Clare Marchant to “look inside” her book(s) and share an overview of the contents, contributors and the stories of life in Horley earlier in the last century.  Posted so far are:

Next we will look at the change during this period, the decline and regeneration, and take a “now and then” view.  There will be some stories of those that lived and worked in Horley in jobs such as a Cowman, a Oilman and a Farm Labourer. There will be a story by Clare’s sister that she wrote for her children about her life growing up here, a story of a couple who lived in Chapel Cottage and a actor of West End and movie fame.

Remember this is just a glimpse there is so much more, what a wonderful present it would be for Christmas, order now to avoid disappointment.

These extracts as from A Vanished Past (Vol 1 & 2), each Volume is £15 +P&P  or you can buy both for £33 incl. p&p.  They are available directly from Clare , Shaftesbury House, 15 Circus Street, Greenwich, London SE10 8SN or marchantclare@hotmail or call on 020 8858 8529. Cheques payable

Ironstone Benefice Horley Events

St_Ethelreda's_Church_Horley_Oxfordshire_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1771691[1] MHT.jpg

With Advent these days swamped by Christmas and its busyness we thought we’d try something a bit Adventish in the weeks before Advent officially begins.  We have three occasions of rather different kinds but all, we hope, helping towards a proper preparation for Christ’s coming at Christmas and his coming at the end of time in judgement.

  • Monday  9th there will be a session on Varieties of Prayer led by the Associate Vicar;
  • Monday 16th the Revd Geoff van der Weegen, Prior of the Order of Anglican Cistercians, will consider with us Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s painting The Census at Bethlehem;
  • Monday 23rd Karen Fairfax-Cholmeley, a member of Kairos Britain, which works for a just peace for Palestine, will talk about the organisation and the Palestinian situation.

All taking place in the Old School, Horley in November. starting at 7.30pm.  Admission is free and refreshments will be available. All good wishes, Hugh

And there’s more……

Want some tips on how to navigate and search all the content on our village website? Go to “About” and see the new page “Want Help Navigating?” Or just click here

All events that we are told about or pick up from Lucy’s submission go on to our calendar page, so if in doubt check it out, and as suggested if you don’t want to miss anything you can synchronise with your own calendar. You can also see what Lucy submits to the  Banbury Guardian,

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday November 12th at 7.30 in the Old School House. See the Parish Council minutes  for information and remember to check the Notice Board page for general information you maybe interested in.

You can see all the photos on and off stage from A Midsummer Night’s Dream  (these can be found in Horley Footlights, under Groups), can’t believe it’s over a month since we did this.

The header photo is courtesy of Fiona Taylor and shared via Facebook, if you have any you would like to share you can always email them to horleyviews@outlook.com.

We really enjoy feedback, did you see “What a Wonderful Village Life” , do you have any ideas, information or memories that you would like to share?

Looking forward to hearing from you …….. Di (Marriot) & Deb (Fox)



Ironstone Musical Family Service – Horley 19th April

St_Ethelreda's_Church_Horley_Oxfordshire_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1771691[1]The Ironstone Benefice would like to invite you a special service on April 19th at Horley Church starting at 10.30a.m. geared to family worship and with a focus upon music and sound. We intend that this will be a reasonably informal event with options to participate in making music in its various forms with the help of those who have skills and talents in this direction.  We hope to see you there and if you have relatives and friends you would like to bring along with you we would be delighted to see them too!!   Revd Dr John Reader    drjohnreader@hotmail.co.uk

Palm Sunday Pilgrimage – Via The Red Lion

palm With Holy Week just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the Pilgrimage which will be taking place from  Worcester to the Ironstone Benefice.  On Palm Sunday, after a short service we will walk from Alketon to Hornton. The Pilgrims will leave after a short service starting at 9.45. When we reach Hornton ( at approx.  11.50) there will be a short service in St. John Baptist Church, followed by prayers in the Methodist Chapel. After that it will be a walk across the fields to Horley, with prayers at 1.20, followed by lunch in the Red Lion at 1.30. Feeling well rested, it’s onto Hanwell for Evensong at 3. You make take part in the whole walk, or just come along for parts of it. But please let The Reverend Hugh know if you intend to have lunch at The Red Lion as Natasha will need to know numbers.

This year Palm Sunday falls on March 29th.

Mothering Sunday Café Church Service – 16th March

Mothering Sunday

The Ironstone Benefice in partnership with Hornton Churches Together would like to invite you to a special Mothering Sunday Café Church Service on Sunday 15th March. This is an informal, relaxed worship style seated around tables. It will take place at Hornton Pavilion with everyone invited to gather between 9.30am and 10.00am either for a late continental breakfast or an early coffee and cake depending on your preference! Tea, squash, child friendly food and children’s craft activities will also be available as will the Sunday papers. Worship will begin around 10am and last no longer than 45 minutes