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Easter at St Etheldreda

You are invited to join us at the following services at St Etheldreda:

Good Friday (15 April) – Stations of the Cross at 12 noon

Fourteen illustrations of events leading up to the crucifixion will be placed around the church and the congregation will visit each station, following the evocative story of Jesus’ journey to the cross and singing one verse of a hymn at each picture.

This will be followed by a simple lunch (soup and roll) in the Old School Hall at 12.30pm in return for a small donation.

Easter Day (17 April) – Easter Day Holy Communion Service at 10.30am

We look forward to welcoming you as we celebrate Easter. This will be a simple service with a short sermon and Holy Communion. It’s especially suitable for young families with the possibility of chocolate if the Easter Bunny arrives!

We hope you can join us for one or both of these events.

Easter Banners wanted for our Church…

Can you help?’

‘Brighten up St Etheldreda’s Church for Easter with an Easter Banner or Poster.

You can make it with fabric or paper and put on it all the things that mean ‘Easter’ to you.

We will display them in church from Easter Sunday (April 16th) and there will be Easter Eggs for all participants!

If you have any questions or need materials email ashdownsm@btinternet.com or call 01295 738444. Thanks.’ Sue Ashdown

Fancy a Pilgrimage on the Benefice Trail?

Ironstone Pilgrimage

Feeling Energetic at Easter? Why not join the pilgrimage of the Ironstone Benefice Trail?

Holy Week and Horley? So, for the energetic, you can start on Maundy Thursday (24 March) afternoon by joining the pilgrimage to walk the Benefice trail, which continues on Good Friday (25 March). Milestones are: leave Drayton church 1.45pm, Wroxton 3.00, Balscote 4.15, arrive Shenington 5.30ish and have a Seder Meal at 6.00 (a symbolic meal associated with the Jewish Passover). This is followed by a short Communion service in Shenington Village Hall, after which the tenacious can participate in a vigil into the early hours of Good Friday morning.

Part II of the Benefice trail pilgrimage starts from Alkerton church at 9.30am on Good Friday, takes in Hornton at 10.30 and arrives at Horley in time for the midday Stations of the Cross in St Etheldreda’s. As the name suggests, this is a service which charts Jesus’ journey to Calvary, symbolised by progressing round twelve ‘stations’ set out in the church with readings and singing at each. Following this service, there is a ‘frugal lunch’ in the Old School, from which the pilgrimage will complete the circle by continuing to Drayton, arriving 2ish for a devotional service at the Cross.

In Saturday newspaper ‘worthwhile walks’ terms, the Benefice trail would be described as ‘easy’ and open to all ages (children definitely welcome at all points), either in its entirety, or in sections, or just stay in Horley and come to the Stations of the Cross/the frugal lunch.

For more information about the route click here. For more information about the event contact vicarhugo@gmail.com / 01869 347889.