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Activity Review – thehorleyviews 2015

Below are some excerpts from a report based on the activity statistics in 2015 for our village site thehorleyviews.com :

In 2015, there were 175 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 220 posts.

The busiest day of the year was October 5th with 185 views, with the most popular post that day was Wow That’s A Lot of Apples!.

Thehorleyviews was viewed about 17,000 times in 2015. There were 336 pictures uploaded, averaging about 6 pictures per week.

Most visitors came from United Kingdom with the United States & Bahrain not far behind, from a total of 63 countries.

The most-viewed pages where:

1 Calendar

2 Planning

3 Parish Council Meetings

4 2015 Midsummer Night’s Dream

5 Notice Board


Click here to see the complete report.

What’s New – September 2015

WHAT a September we have in store for our beautiful medieval church with not one but

Two marvellous events:

Ironstone ConcertsNext weekend Friday 11th and Saturday 12th the Ironstone Chamber Music Festival and a Choral Mass at the Sunday Service. Organised by Chris and Tessa Howell, If you haven’t already done so you can still get you tickets 

msndThen on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th a Horley Footlights production of Midsummer Night’s Dream, see the 5 reasons not to miss … once again produced and directed by Tessa Howell – see the “fly on the wall” report (… more to come) with all the  backstage gossip !

Both events as you can see are brought to us by Mr & Mrs Howell, thank you Tessa and Chris for everything you bring to our village.

Other Village News –

Superfast Broadband has arrived in Horley welcome to the 21st Century !

See the Parish Council minutes for the latest developments following the last meeting and remember to check the Notice Board page for general information you maybe interested in.

Also remember you can always see what Lucy submits to the  Banbury Guardian, these pages are updated regularly as are the photo’s and headers. I’ve started to include photo’s of Horley Views from Facebook and if you have any you would like to share you can always email them to horleyviews@outlook.com . We really enjoy feedback and are happy to include your ideas, information or memories that you would like to share.

So let us know…….. Di (Marriot) & Deb (Fox)


We Are A Digital Year Old – August 2015

The  Horley Views went digital with its first post  “And There Was A Secret Horley Fest” on 17th August 2014. Actually it was a repost of a blog that Carlie Lee wrote a year earlier about Horley Fest. Since then we have put up over 150 posts on the home page newsfeed (blog) and created 61 pages about Horley on the website. Most of the content has been provided by our villagers who organise the many groups and activities. THANK YOU for your efforts; you are the backbone of our small but perfectly formed community.

We Brits are not big on that “praise thang” however everyone that Di and I have spoken to about thehorleyviews.com have said that they really enjoy reading it. We also know that over 80 of you that follow via email and wordpress, as well as just over 200 on Facebook and Twitter. Some of you have told me they have book marked us as a favourite and check in regularly.

One of the reasons social media is so brilliant is that we can instantly see if the content is being looked at. There are stats for the number of views, visitors, whether they come direct or via another media. We can create graphs such this one below showing by country the 10, 500 views that, 9,500 as you would expect are in the UK.  We can be pretty sure on who is viewing in the US, France, Bahrain and those down under but who knew our little corner of North Oxfordshire was so global!THV global readership

Another aspect of social media that helps is the fact that we instantly share the posts with our twitter feed (@horleyviews) and Facebook page (horley.views). We also follow with other Horley groups such as the Horley Cricket Club site, or on facebook Horley Playgroup , these and many Other Links, Local Villages and Gastropubs as seen in the right column, be sure to scroll down.

We have a rising star in out midst as Judy has not only found fame on our website and Facebook pages but now even has her own twitter hashtag …. #SelfieWithJudy

4th July selfy with JudyJudy and Jackselfiewith judyposty selfie with Judy




What started out as an online news feed for Horley Views Magazine has become a website for all our activities and where Horley Parish Council can openly share its information. We are also really pleased to be able to share some of our Pub’s successes and events – Dave and Natasha are really at the heart this village. But our boundaries don’t stop at the 30mph sign – we also have close ties with our neighbours especially Hornton and Hanwell, and families and friends who live there and nearby.

So what’s in store for our second digital year???

Well it’s up to you; it’s your resource and you can share whatever you would like, in whatever format. We would love to get more people involved and support any ideas you may have. You don’t have to understand the technology you just need to be passionate about something and want to share it.

It could be anything about Horley Life,  or something you are involved that would be of interest.  How about a living memory history of Horley? Photo Album? Country life and farming? A history group like Hornton?  Or a guess the baby photo competition , yes that right  I still have them from a village fete years ago! Let us know, Di & Deb …………….




Ironstone Chamber Music Festival – Horley Concerts

Friday 11th September at 7.30 pm, Saturday 12th September at 12.30 pm and Saturday 12th September at 7.30 pm, see full detail here www.ironstonechambermusic.com

Have You Noticed the Horley Header Photo?

Just in case you’ve not visited thehorleyviews.com site recently we have a new header photo of Horley Village, its included in this post below but looks best on the site on a large screen.

This photo is up in the Old School without a date, any ideas? I know it was before 1996 as the conifers are all still lined up round our place, it looks like building work at the Dairy Court ……… any other clues??? Answers on a [postcard] or email  horleyviews@outlook.com. cropped-landscape1.jpg, or  Facebook or  Twitter  or comment on the post



What On This Week – July 13th

teddy bear picnicThis week sees the beginning of the school summer holidays and many of the groups tent to also take a break.

This morning is Horley Playgroup end of term Teddy Bears Picnic party, be sure to bring along your favourite soft toy and a plate of goodies for lunch (might also need a mac and umbrella) !

Yoga will continue until 29th July and return 2nd September as will the Cinema Club return in September.

Cricket Club is in full swing with matches, fitness training and the Summer Games this Friday.

wb 13th July