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formerly know as Progressive Dinner

What’s New – April


Yes its April…..

Our small but perfectly formed community can now boast both an award winning pub and cricket club in our village, congratulations to both.

This is our 92nd post, 55 pages, over 6500 views and 211 followers in various forms: email, blog, Facebook and Twitter. So “thehorleyviews” has definitely gone social, with each media having different levels of interaction, and with Facebook being the most active.

So what’s in store now the clocks have gone forward?

The calendar is filling up with lots of events over Easter and beyond, hese are some of them:

MAUNDY THURSDAY (2nd April)– after the success of the Palm Sunday Pilgrimage, there will be another one this Thursday, starting at 1.15 at Hanwell Church, walkingonto Drayton and Wroxton with a traditional Maundy Thursday washing of feet service. There will then be a Passover meal along the lines of the Jewish Seder in Shenington at 6.30 in the Church Hall. Followed by a Eucharist service in the Church at 7.30. If you would like to come to any or all of this, you are very welcome, please let the Reverend Dr. Hugh White know on 01869 347889.

Litter Pick Saturday 11th April

Keep the Horton General – 16th April.

St George’s Beer Festival 23-26th April

Remember to get your name down for this years Progressive Dinner – 27th June

Just in case you missed what Lucy put in the Banbury Guardian:

SEWING CIRCLE – Do you enjoy sewing at home? Soft furnishings or dressmaking? Would you like to extend your skills or share them with like-minded people in Horley? A sewing circle has been suggested which would be held once a month/ fortnight in the Old school. The organisers are looking at numbers and feasibility at the moment. If you would like to express an interest, please let Sue Patching know on 730039.

CRICKET –Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the registration evening at the Old School last week. A great number of juniors have already signed up, please remember that last year the Cricket Club didn’t have enough places so if you haven’t joined but would like to, get your forms back to Judith Beck in Horley as soon as possible. The first cricket practice is on Tuesday April 28.

PALM SUNDAY PILGRIMAGE  was held last Sunday. Despite atrocious weather, a happy band of Pilgrims met in Alkerton for a short service and then made their way over to Hornton where they were served welcome refreshment at the Methodist Chapel. More joined on as the Pilgrimage continued to Horley where an eagerly received lunch was served up by Natasha in The Red Lion. Thoroughly refreshed, the pilgrims continued onto Hanwell with better weather in the afternoon. Many thanks to the Reverend Dr. Hugh White for organising this Pilgrimage. Despite the weather, everyone enjoyed the walk and especially the delicious lunch at the Red Lion.

DOG MESS – Dog mess is again becoming a problem in Horley, particularly on the bridleway off Hornton Lane heading eastwards as you go out of the village. Dog waste bags are available free of charge – please see Maureen Keenan in Lane Close. Everyone should pick up their dog waste – it is your responsibility! Let’s all keep the village clean, thank you.

BROWNIES – Hornton Brownies takes place every Monday evening from 5-6.30 in the Pavilion, Hornton. Liz Hirst needs more adult help, someone who she can call on occasionally and will look after the brownies. If you would be interested in helping please call Liz on 670125. Also if your child is interested in joining brownies, contact Liz because there are still places available.

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – In the summer of 2015 A Midsummer Night’s Dream is being performed by children and adults of Horley. If your child would like to be in it please contact Tessa Howell as rehearsals are in full swing. To catch up with the practices going on at the moment, or missed rehearsals, contact Tessa on 738313.

Want to share anything or have any suggestions just email us at horleyviews@outlook.com.

Regards Di and Deb

Progressive Dinner Around Horley – 27th June

progressive_dinnerA date for your diary for this years Progressive Dinner (last year only aka Safari Supper).

This annual highlight of the Horley social calendar has come around a little earlier than last year – as we took note that it may be better to try and navigate between hosts in as much daylight as possible….

So 27th June is set as the date to once again showcase the culinary talents of various hosts around the village and to once again meet faces that you see regularly but never get the chance to speak to. For the uninitiated – we meet in the Red Lion, where for the exchange of £20 and a bottle of wine you will then receive the first of three envelopes detailing your journey around the village.  Another two courses/houses await you – with the end destination back in the pub to discuss your expeditions.  It’s great fun – and also has the added benefit of raising much needed funds for the church.

We are currently recruiting for both hosts and names of people who would like to attend – to put your name down or for further details please email Glenys at glenys_stacey@hotmail.com  to put your name down or for further details

Read all about last years Reported sightings – Safari Supper.

Reported sightings – Safari Supper


Safari meaning to journey in Swahili

On Saturday 20th September, the now re-branded Safari Supper set off from the Red Lion watering hole as it turned dusk. Clutching their guide slips , all thirty-six villagers ventured to their first hosts house, meeting many of their fellow explorers on the way.

The first course is always an orderly affair, with the hosts holding back on the wine to ensure they can stay on top of the strict timings. This year was no exception, as all thirty-six villagers were promptly turned out at 8:30. Then the hosts beat a hasty retreat to get ready for the next guests, who arrived straight away, as this years hosts were all in close proximity to each other ; 1 in Little Lane, 2 in Wroxton Lane, 1 in Gulivers Close and 2 in Lower Hornton  Lane.

Once dinner is served the hosts can also relax a little and so do their guests. So much so, that some hosts reported and I personally witnessed a reluctance of some of the guests to move on to their next hosts.

red lionDespite this everyone eventually arrived at their third and final host. This is where many of them remained until way past Dave and Natasha’s bedtime, before returning to the Red Lion.

This year we had some new hosts, new guests and some relatively new guests, so seeing the supper through their eyes reminded me of what a great social event this is.

To top it all we raised over £720 for our church.

As for reported sightings, so far there hasn’t been any, however the jungle drums are sometimes slow to start…………..


Your invite to Horley’s Safari Supper


Horley’s Safari Supper (aka Progressive Dinner)

Join us for a walking safari supper with excitement, exercise and adventure as you experience the “Big 5” wine and dine right here in Horley on Saturday 20th September:

  1. Start your tour with fellow travellers at The Red Lion watering hole (from 6:30)
  2. Your guide will set you off to find your 1st course hosts (7:30)
  3. Your hosts will direct you to your 2nd course hosts (8:30)
  4. Your hosts will direct you to your 3rd course hosts (9:30)
  5. The tour will conclude with a night cap (or two) and camp fire stories of your sightings and adventures back at the Red Lion watering hole. (Circa 10:30)

Such a fun way to meet villagers, as you drink, walk and eat your way around Horley, you may even spot some local game!

Only £20 per person and one bottle of wine per couple for your 1st host, all proceeds go to St. Etheldreda Church. To secure your place (or be a host) call me Debra Fox 730980 or email me theboma@btinternet.com

Limited places so to avoid disappointment , let me know now:

  •  Your Names:
  •  Whether you like to be Guest or Hosts or happy to do either:
  •  Any dietary requirements:
  • Your Telephone:
  • Your Email:

Note: If only one person can come please let me know as we always have others who can go round with you