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It’s Arrived , No More “Buffer Face”

wroxton laneFor those eager to get with the 21st Century….. Wroxton Lane is now accepting orders!
   So please share your experiences in selecting a supplier, as although BT are the wholesaler they are not the only providers,  you can now buy these services from mobile providers as well.
   Remember we are not just talking the usual internet services  (insert “buffer face”) but everything digital (including TV) and on multiple devices.
   So shop around and see what packages there are and please share if you find a good deal.

Superfast Broadband – Are We There Yet?

We are in the green zone!  Wroxton St.Mary area is enabled and our cabinet is installed………..BT Open Reach

however they still are not accepting orders yet, and it could still be anytime up until December.  You can check for yourself by adding your post code here  https://www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/where-and-when here’s one I did earlier for Wroxton Lane ……

Horley super fast

When we do get it will open up all sorts of other services and entertainment packages so its worth shopping around and seeing if you can get a bundle which will give you the best overall deal. Oxfordshire Rural Broadband lists providers here  and you should also check with your mobile provider as they too have formed consortiums. Deb

Have You Checked the Notice Board Lately?

Did you know that we post notices that are sent to our Parish Council that we think might be of interest?  See the Parish Council, Notices page here for everything from fund raising walks, superfast broadband to changes to the Oxfordshire Mobile Library.

Mobile Library Visit Poster

Superfast Broadband is Nearly Here!

Fiber optic tipsThe latest from BTopenreach is that our exchange Wroxton St Mary is now enabled for Superfast Fibre!

The Horley cabinet is not ready yet so you can’t place an order with your ISP yet. It is planned for upgrade and updates will be made weekly, you can check progress by entering your postal code here on http://www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/where-and-when/

See our Notice Board for more on “High-speed broadband arrives in Horley” and to check out a list of ISPs on the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website: http://www.betterbroadbandoxfordshire.org.uk/home