Reported sightings – Safari Supper


Safari meaning to journey in Swahili

On Saturday 20th September, the now re-branded Safari Supper set off from the Red Lion watering hole as it turned dusk. Clutching their guide slips , all thirty-six villagers ventured to their first hosts house, meeting many of their fellow explorers on the way.

The first course is always an orderly affair, with the hosts holding back on the wine to ensure they can stay on top of the strict timings. This year was no exception, as all thirty-six villagers were promptly turned out at 8:30. Then the hosts beat a hasty retreat to get ready for the next guests, who arrived straight away, as this years hosts were all in close proximity to each other ; 1 in Little Lane, 2 in Wroxton Lane, 1 in Gulivers Close and 2 in Lower Hornton  Lane.

Once dinner is served the hosts can also relax a little and so do their guests. So much so, that some hosts reported and I personally witnessed a reluctance of some of the guests to move on to their next hosts.

red lionDespite this everyone eventually arrived at their third and final host. This is where many of them remained until way past Dave and Natasha’s bedtime, before returning to the Red Lion.

This year we had some new hosts, new guests and some relatively new guests, so seeing the supper through their eyes reminded me of what a great social event this is.

To top it all we raised over £720 for our church.

As for reported sightings, so far there hasn’t been any, however the jungle drums are sometimes slow to start…………..


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