Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

Bluebells by a Horley footpath

Your Weekly Update from Alison Tite

As lockdown continues, some of our volunteers have turned their expert hands to sewing and knitting.  Earlier this week, 5 sets of scrubs, 28 scrub bags and 8 knitted hearts were dispatched and more will be made when we know what is most needed.  Many thanks to everyone involved in this initiative.   Shopping and prescription collection for those who need it is continuing too.

Tony Ellis’ musings on Covid-19 from his perspective on the frontline were posted earlier this week and gave us a valuable insight into what life is like for key workers in hospitals.  We would love to hear from any other key workers who would like to share their experiences.

It is good to see people taking their daily exercise round the village and it provides a welcome opportunity to have a brief chat (from a distance!), share information and check whether anyone needs help.  We can also check out the plants available at Caroline’s plant stall as you will have seen from yesterday’s posting.

We still believe that no-one in the village is suffering from Covid 19. Please do let us know if your personal situation changes, so that we can keep abreast of things. And remember, our volunteers are here to help those in need and self-isolating. To remind you, here are the contact details for the group:

email: horleycsg@gmail.com, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030. 

Here’s a reminder from Tony Ellis’ article of what we need to do to help us all stay safe:

  • Wash your hands for 30 seconds on returning to your house
  • Use alcohol gel on your hands on getting into your car after your weekly shop
  • Observe distancing guidelines
  • If a member of your household gets CoVid they should isolate themselves away from others in the household.
  • Take vitamin D
  • Take exercise regularly
  • Help shield those around you

Alison Tite