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Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

“Designer Scrubs by Tracey at the Smithy

Your Weekly Update

Another week of lockdown goes by (I think it’s week 5!) and we are getting used to a new normal. This week we have been supplied with  ideas to knit, stitch, and forage during exercise whilst local businesses adapt and offer services to keep us busy in our gardens and well supplied with food and drink.

Knit and stitch for our NHS

If you are feeling in creative mood then now’s your chance to get sewing and knitting for our NHS. Tracey Parsons has completed this beautiful designer set of scrubs. These have been made after painstakingly piecing together 48 x A4 sheets paper! and will be sent to a lucky recipient at Warwick Hospital. For more information on patterns and material requirements etc. see here.

If you would like to sew something less intricate then wash bags and masks are also in demand. See here for more information on specifications.

Finished articles can be left with Jane Huskisson who will make sure they are washed and bagged to correct specifications (text or call 07984 685127) and pass them on to her sister who works at Warwick hospital.

If knitting is more your bag then try knitting some hearts which can be given to patients and their families who have lost loved ones to Covid-19. Or if your knitting skills are more basic knit some blankets for the Cats Protection Charity. See here for information

Gardening – Support our local suppliers

We have more time to spend in our gardens now but frustratingly the garden centres are shut! Local Garden Centres are doing their best to supply the public safely and  these include  Quarry Nurseries,  the herb shop at The Herb Centre and Farnborough Nurseries (contact on 01295 690479).

Exercise and Well being

Fiona Taylor, Horley’s very own herbalist has given us plenty of advice on how to stay well and healthy as well as some tips on foraging for when we are out walking. See here. Who knew that the common weed cleavers (or goosegrass as it is commonly called) could be made into a delicious pesto!

On a disappointing note, the mineral railway track footpath by the scout camp has been closed for the time-being. For an explanation see here. However that shouldn’t stop us enjoying the beautiful spring countryside that we are so lucky to live in. Get a map and explore! If you haven’t tried it before try the Horley Circular Walk.


Beer and Food – who needs more in times of crisis?! The Red Lion continue to offer an excellent takeaway service on the real ale, cider and lager front, and the Dun Cow at Hornton providing great pub grub. The visit of the Fish and Chips van provided another treat!

Volunteers and Assistance

We still believe that no-one in the village is suffering from Covid 19. Please do let us know if your personal situation changes, so that we can keep abreast of things. And remember, our volunteers are here to help those in need and self isolating. To remind you, here are the contact details for the group:

email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030. 

Stay safe and, as ever, keep washing your hands!

Di Marriott

Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

Judy’s Easter Outfit

Your Weekly Update

This week is from Glenys Kyle, Group Coordinator:

‘We all had confirmation on Tuesday that lockdown will continue for at least another three weeks. Here in Horley we appear to be coping well. Our bins are still being emptied and our verges cut. Our resourceful volunteers are happy to do shopping, prescription collection and to lend a hand (and an ear) to those in need.  Charles Cozens and his household are keeping the churchyard in exceptionally good order, and with time on our hands, many of our gardens are getting more attention than usual. Then to take the sting out of things, Dave and Tash at the Red Lion are continuing to keep us supplied in fine ale and the like.

 As far as we know, no-one in the village is suffering from Covid 19. A small handful of people have been self-isolating in recent weeks, as they have found themselves displaying one or more of the symptoms, but we know of no confirmed case. Please do let us know if your personal situation changes, so that we can keep abreast of things. And remember, our volunteers are here to help those in need. To remind you, here are the contact details for the group:

email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030. 

It has been lovely to hear the village showing its appreciation for key workers, on Thursday evenings at eight. The usual applause is now being supplemented with bells and whistles, and that means we can more easily hear each other’s appreciation even if we can’t see everyone. Let’s keep it up over the weeks ahead.’


Request from James – Our Fantastic Village Postie

Jools our posiet with Judy

 Please could you leave your gate open….

‘Hiya .. it’s Jools the postman … Over the last few weeks it’s been such a pleasure delivering to everyone at this difficult time and everybody has played by the rules and kept a safe distance , making it easier for me and yourselves, when I’ve had a chat etc …. But can I ask a little favour? .. if you could leave your front gate open , it would be a massive help , not just for me but other delivery drivers , just to minimise contact … Thank you’.

Jools Kirton

Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

Easter Garden in Church Porch

Your Weekly Update

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.   It will be a very different Easter this year without services in our Church or visits to Hadsham Farm to see the new lambs and of course not being able to meet up with friends and family from outside the village.

But on a more positive note, as far as we know, Horley continues to be virus free.

The Ladies Guild have made a donation to Christian Aid instead of making and sharing home-made soup on Good Friday, and an Easter garden has been set up in the Church porch – do go and take a look on your daily walk (whilst maintaining social distancing of course!)

Our group of fantastic volunteers are continuing to shop and collect prescriptions for others and technology is helping us to keep in touch with family and friends virtually, if not face to face. The glorious weather means we can spend time in our gardens (tending them or just enjoying them) and don’t forget that you can order plants from our local supplier Quarry Nurseries from April 26th.

Lambing is well underway at Hadsham Farm and there are lots of photos and videos on their Facebook page:

If you need any help with shopping, prescription collection, dog walking or just a friendly chat on the phone, please contact us on the details below.

email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030.

And as before, we would really appreciate it if you would let us know if you are aware of any potential cases of the virus in the village.

Keep washing your hands, and stay safe!

Alison Tite, Horley CV Liaison Group

Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

Judy in Hi Viz and her CV mask

Your Weekly Update

Hello everyone. By now I hope everyone in the village is aware of the Horley CV Liaison group which is here to help and support our community during these rather scary times.

We currently have over 30 volunteers which is fantastic.  Most of their tasks to date have been shopping and prescription collection but if you would like a phone call or need dog walking or feel there is any other support we can give please contact us on the details below:

email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030.

At the moment we believe Horley is virus free, and hopefully will stay that way, but we would appreciate it if you would let us know if you are aware of any potential case.

Below are a few sites spotted around the village which are a tad unusual in normal times…but normal it is not!

Keep washing your hands, and stay safe!

Charles mowing the church yard

Judy in purple with her cv mask

Red Lion Take Away Beer Service


Keep Safe From Coronavirus Scams

Oxfordshire Residents have been warned to be on their guard against criminals and scammers exploiting the coronavirus situation. Action Fraud has recently reported that coronavirus-related fraud reports have increased by 400% in March. Example of such are seen below.

The majority of reports are related to online shopping scams where people have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser, and other products, which have never arrived and coronavirus-themed phishing emails. These attempt to trick people into opening malicious attachments which could lead to fraudsters stealing people’s personal information, email logins and passwords, and banking details.

Protect yourself

1) Watch out for scam messages
Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails, and never respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details.

2) Shopping online:
If you’re making a purchase from a company or person you don’t know and trust, carry out some research first, and ask a friend or family member for advice before completing the purchase. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, use a credit card if you have one, as most major credit card providers insure online purchases.

For more information on how to shop online safely, please visit:

3) Protect your devices from the latest threats:
Always install the latest software and app updates to protect your devices from the latest threats.

For information on how to update your devices, please visit:

See ActionFraud  for more information and OCC for Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards report for more information about Coronavirus related fraud in our area.

Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group Update

Your Weekly Update

Message from Glenys Kyle, group coordinator:

‘The Horley CV Liaison group has been meeting regularly, but virtually of course, rather than face to face, and here is a summary of what we have been up to.

We have now distributed an information leaflet to all homes in the village, and I hope you have had a chance to read it. A good number of you have already been in touch with suggestions and offers of support for the village – thank you so much. Just to remind you, here are the contact details for the group:

email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030.

Our volunteer network is strong and growing by the minute, and through that group we now have arrangements in place for the collection of prescriptions for vulnerable people in Horley, as well as more general support with shopping and so on.

We are continuing to do what we can to keep track of any concerning changes in people’s health in the village. The position is the same as last week. We know of no known case of COVID19 here in Horley.

Di Marriott has been updating Horley Views with other developments. You may have seen that like all other churches, ours is now closed until further notice. On a more positive note, the Dun Cow (Hornton) is offering a new delivery service for take-away meals. Should anyone be interested, the menu is available on Horley Views and on the Dun Cow’s own website. And of course, our own Red Lion continues to offer a much-valued drinks take-away service for all in the village.

Thank you for all your help and cooperation. We really appreciate it and feel sure the village as a whole will benefit from it in the weeks ahead. We hope you welcome this weekly update, and will do our best to keep you informed on a weekly basis during these troubled times’.

Glenys Kyle

Dun Cow Offers Takeaway Meal Service to Horley Residents

The Dun Cow Hornton

Enjoy a Takeaway meal from Hornton’s Dun Cow

Steve and Rebecca from the Dun Cow in Hornton have kindly offered to extend their takeaway meal service to Horley residents.

To view their current menu click here.

To order call 01295 670524 from 5pm – 8pm Daily or email

For more information on the Dun Cow click here.

Red Lion Takeaway Service

Takeaway service to be trialled for a week 

This week’s Guest beer is Farmers ‘Irish Dexter’ – described as ‘A deep red coloured ale with a malty, sweet flavour and a dry finish’. Delicious!

Dave says:

‘We hope this service has benefit to the general well being of our community in difficult times. We will trial it for a week to judge the response.’

See poster below for information.

Horley’s Coronavirus Support Group

About Your Local Support Group

Message from Glenys Kyle, group coordinator:

‘The Horley CV liaison group is now established, with Di and David Marriott, Alison Tite and Glenys Kyle as members. Together we have lines of communication with all the main groupings in the village, thanks to many others here who together make this village what it is. We will shortly be distributing a simple information leaflet throughout the village, so please look out for it. It contains contact details for the group for all in Horley to use if they need to get in touch: ie email:, or call 01295 738334 or 07872 930030.

Meanwhile, rest assured that we have mapped all homes and all known family units in Horley, and worked with others to identify those known to be vulnerable. We are doing our best to navigate our way around everyone’s data protection and information rights, hoping to strike the right balance, and certainly we will not be disclosing anyone’s personal data to anyone, without specific permission. We already have a small band of willing volunteers to help those needing help, and of course welcome any others who wish to volunteer.

 Currently, we have a small handful of people in the village who are self-isolating or where the family unit is in quarantine for cautionary reasons, but no known case of coronavirus – so far as we are aware. We would like anyone considering themselves vulnerable to get in touch, using the telephone number or email address shown above, so that we can be sure that you are supported. Similarly, it would be helpful to know of anyone who believe themselves to have the virus symptoms, so that we can keep track, on a confidential basis. We appreciate that some people will not want to tell us, and of course you may choose not to.

Thank you for all your help and cooperation. We really appreciate it and feel sure the village as a whole will benefit from it in the weeks ahead.’

Glenys Kyle