A Week Today – Who’s Playing Who?

msndAs we count down to our opening night on Friday 25th lets take a peak at who’s playing who ?

From The Court of Athens we have:  Tim Allitt as Theseus; Duke of Athens, engaged to Hippolyta, Sarah Allitt as Hippolyta; Queen of the Amazons, David Foreman as Egeus; Father to Hermia. Chris Howell as Philostrate; Master of Revels. Sue Patching as a servant.

The Lovers are : Carlie Lee as Hermia; in love with Lysander. Tanja Miles as Helena; in love with Demetrius.  Joseph Turner as Lysander; in love with Hermia.  Hal Wallis as Demetrius; Egeus choice of husband to Hermia.

The Mechanicals  are the workers who put on a play: Julian Wright as Nick Bottom; a weaver who plays Pyramus. David Foreman as Peter Quince; a carpenter who directs the play. Jack Curd as Francis Flute; a bellows-mender who plays Thisbe. Sue Keenan as Tom Snout; a tinker who plays Wall. William Hamer as Robin Starveling; a tailor who plays Moonshine. Martin Hamer as Snug; a joiner who plays Lion.

From Fairy land we have: Johnny Lynn as Oberon; king of the fairies. Charlotte Curd as Puck; servant to Oberon. Debra Fox as Titania; queen of the fairies, and the Indian Child, with Millie Gamage and  Lucy Hamer as the gate keepers to fairyland.

Clear? See if this helps……..


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”   By William Shakespeare.  Music by Felix Mendelssohn with the Fairies’ Lullaby composed by  Jeremy Jackmanfor the Children of Horley

Brought to you by the Horley Footlights Production Team:  

Director – Tessa Howell,  Assistant / Prompt –  Louise Jeffries.  Musical Director/ Pianist  – David KyleCostumes  & Props- Tracey Parsons, Alison Wynn, Alison Carr.  Set /Sound/Lighting  Mike Patching. Make-up  Jane Roberts. PhotographerGary Fox. Programmes- Barry MossBox office- Jenny and Dave Reynolds

This production is dedicated to Brenda Barnwell who would have loved to have been part of it all.     This our first play without her; we have missed her organisational skills, drive and energy.     

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