A Vanished Past: Horley – Clare Marchant

Dear Horley Views, I was born and lived in Horley for the first 25 years of my life – and along with other people of that time, have indelible memories of village life then – so I have tried to capture some thing of it and I have just published two books providing some vivid glimpses of Horley in the mid twentieth century, when major changes happened in the village. They are both about 200 pages long and have just over 250 photographs each from nearly 50 contributors, with  text. It seems the sort of thing that you might like to put out on Horley Views. I attach a  Flyer for A Vanished Past Volume 1 & 2 It gives only brief details so do let me know what you advise.      Kind regards, Clare Marchant

A Vanishing Past; Horley Families, Homes and Gardens

Life as lived in a North Oxfordshire village in the mid-twentieth century is depicted with skill and honesty, and illustrated by absorbingly interesting photographs. The residents give remarkably honest insights into their lives – their successes, joys and sadness over time.

These were the last days of an agricultural village. It is a story about the structure of village life, and its changes over several decades, seen through the eyes of the residents, drawn together by a sensitive author and illustrated by 500 or so amateur and professional photographs.

Vanished Past Volume 1A Vanished Past Volume 2

Volumes 1 is entirely about families (Allington-Meadows).

Volume 2 is about families (Morgan to Yates), as well as our homes and gardens, getting about, and the coming of water and electricity.

Volumes 3 and 4 will be published in the coming year. Volume 3 is about Work and Leisure.   Volume 4 includes chapters on the School, Chapel, Church and Wartime as well as memorable views of the village and countryside.

Clare MarchantClare Marchant was born in Horley Vicarage, Oxfordshire in 1941 and spent her formative years in Horley until 1965.   She now lives in Greenwich.

PS: Having spoken to Clare she has agreed to provide us with some “peeks into the books” and some photos. This content will be added in separate posts and shown on the Horley’s History page. We hope this inspires other to share their memories, stories and photo’s of Horley.