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Children’s Halloween Trail – Saturday 31st October


“On Saturday 31st October children who live in Horley (and their parents) are invited to take part in a Halloween Trail around the village. To ensure it is a covid- safe activity children will be following a map (see below), and keeping to groups of 6 or less, to find different spooky items (and of course sweets!) located around the village. All sweets will be individually wrapped and each station will have one treat per child. We won’t be knocking on any doors and unfortunately we can’t accept any treats put out in front of houses. We would love villagers to join in by putting out their carved pumpkins to light our path by 5pm on Saturday 31st. Maps and glow sticks for children will be available from underneath the village notice board.”

If you would like us to email you a copy of the map or if you have any other questions please contact Sarah at sarahtaylor0403@gmail.com

Thanks and Happy Halloween!

Sarah Taylor and Ellie Freeman


Children’s Halloween Party – Saturday 31st


Before setting off trick or treating this Saturday come along to the Horley Children’s Halloween party for spooky games and scary dancing plus hot-dogs, pizza and donuts. The party will run from 5 till 6.30 pm on Saturday 31st October 2015 at The Old School.

Come if you dare.


Horley Halloween 2014

‘Beware the wind that whistles shrill, Beware the souls that haunt us still, Watch you with care the perils of night, Pull near your children; hold them tight.’  ( or not, if you were the parents of some of the horrors below.)

Horley Halloween shrieked into gloriously gory life at the Cricket last Friday. It was a night of children spattering blood and glitter, hooting with joy, marauding near the wickets as if Kenny would never know.

We feasted on fingers and drank deep of the bar, and then we spilt out across the village, rattling doors, jumping for bells. Our cries were shrill in the pleading face of every pumpkin; we were merciless in our demands.

It was brilliant.

Thank you to Horley CC, the horribly gruesome guests, and the biggest thanks to the patience and generosity of the Horley villagers. Your pumpkin-carving skills are awesome.

Our children are still sweet-stuffed, glaze-eyed by bounty beyond their greedy-fingered dreams.

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Fabulous photos by Macer G and Will P.