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New Year’s Eve and Fireworks

As per tradition, there will be some firework displays taking place in the village throughout tomorrow evening to celebrate the new year.

Please will pet owners take appropriate care to ensure that their animals are not unduly disturbed by these events.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!


Noise Phobia in Pets

How To Take The Bang Out Of Bonfire Night


Bonfire night can be a terrifying time for pets. Dogs are particularly vulnerable but all animals can suffer from the stress created by fireworks.

For advice on managing pet noise phobias click here for advice from West bar Vets.


Fireworks – a polite request

There was a great fireworks display in the village this saturday night – congratulations to the pyrotechnician for putting on such a great show!

However for some dog owners who had not been made aware, the event was not such a great experience.

In order try to minimise the impact of potential disturbance to dog owners in particular in future, it would be appreciated if the display organiser enail the HorelyViews website at horleyviews@outlook.com so that a timely warning can be posted.

Many thanks.