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Wild Medicine Forage at Hadsham Farm

Are you a busy bee, feeling stressed out, anxious, need more energy and better sleep? For all stages of a woman’s life, Maiden, Mother, Sage, plants can provide a gentle non habit forming way to balance our bodies and our emotions, enabling us to cope with the inevitable stresses of life more easily.

hadsham farmJoin Fiona for a Wild Medicine Forage in and around the fields of Hadsham Farm, you will learn to identify wild medicinal plants, discuss the herbs and how modern herbalists use them, how they were used in the past and how some can be used as safe home remedies. Plus the very fact that you are outside on a beautiful walk down by the lake, what better way to re-connect with nature, and right here on our own doorstep.

Thursdays 2nd & 16th July 6.30-8pm Contact Fiona to book your place. (limited to 15)  Call 01295 738609  fionataylormnimh@gmail.com  Website  Facebook

Cost £5 per person to be donated to the Air Ambulance.



Herb Walk and Lecture by Fiona Taylor at Hadsham Farm, Oxfordshire

fiona-taylor-herb-walk-lecturing-beside-the-sweep-of-driveI too had the pleasure of joining Fiona on a “Herb Walk” around her garden, so interesting to learn about what I had thought were wild flowers (some call weeds) are actually herbs.

See below for Carlie’s post on attending another one of Fiona’s evenings.

Herb Walk and Lecture by Fiona Taylor at Hadsham Farm, Oxfordshire.