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On Walking: Tuesday 24th February

The wind is cold, strong. It flips up my dress, pulls my hair from its pins, boxes my face. The dogs and I jump the ditch, cross into Dave’s field. The sun gleams in a line along the beaten mud of the footpath. I eschew its slippery promises of speed, take to the margins.

msnd‘So will I live, so grow, so die,’ I say. I push my way through the secret passage, stumbling, as I’m trying to read……..

On Walking: Tuesday 24th February.

Horley Footlights A Midsummer’s Night Dream

On Walking in Half-Term – Just Be…

Elle walkingI am perched on a stile in the sun, feeling its warmth on my black-clad legs, on my forehead, my hair. I close my eyes, tip back my face further, breathe in, breathe out. The children are crashing around in the covert further down; I can hear a blackbird scolding them. My daughters continue their secret mission, calling to each other in the American accents of their private play world.

We’re in the Spring Field. The Sor Brook runs through the bottom of the valley, and Horley stretches cat-like over the hill beyond.

I can smell the resin of the spruces around me; the pureness of the cold air. I straighten my back, stretch out my arms, balance, imagine the sun soothing, heating; enlivening every inch of me. I don’t need to think, speak, react.  Just be. Right here, right now. Blissful.

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On Walking: Sunday 28th December

Now getting into the New Years Eve Spirit with our own resident blogger Mrs Lee. I’m just of for a walk on this fine frosty sunny morning and will take some photo’s of our fab Horley “views” to include on our site. If you have any you would like to share please email them to me horleyviews@outlook.com and we can all enjoy them…………..

Horley Halloween 2014

‘Beware the wind that whistles shrill, Beware the souls that haunt us still, Watch you with care the perils of night, Pull near your children; hold them tight.’  ( or not, if you were the parents of some of the horrors below.)

Horley Halloween shrieked into gloriously gory life at the Cricket last Friday. It was a night of children spattering blood and glitter, hooting with joy, marauding near the wickets as if Kenny would never know.

We feasted on fingers and drank deep of the bar, and then we spilt out across the village, rattling doors, jumping for bells. Our cries were shrill in the pleading face of every pumpkin; we were merciless in our demands.

It was brilliant.

Thank you to Horley CC, the horribly gruesome guests, and the biggest thanks to the patience and generosity of the Horley villagers. Your pumpkin-carving skills are awesome.

Our children are still sweet-stuffed, glaze-eyed by bounty beyond their greedy-fingered dreams.

HH 10Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014HH 3Horley Halloween 2014Horley Halloween 2014

Fabulous photos by Macer G and Will P.