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On Village Life: The Burns Supper

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Carlie Lee

It’s Saturday night, and the village Burns night, and I’m in the Red Lion, where I’ve popped in for one, but appear to have stayed. I’m with lovely new friends and my neighbour, R, and we’re at the table by the fire, glugging white wine and saying we really must go up the hill.

robbie burns

‘I’ve had no lunch,’ I say, draining my second glass. The new friends laugh when I say I can’t hold my drink. ‘Really,’ I say. ‘I’m a liability. And we really are going to be dreadfully late.’

J drains his pint and we’re off, roaring up the hill in the type of car that comes with a free Labrador. We park outside St Ethelreda’s, and for a moment J looks appalled. ‘Christ,’ he says. ‘Don’t tell me we’re eating in the church?’

We laugh, pulling him onwards, and I fall over the gate to the Old…

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January – See What’s Up ……….


You may have noticed the daylight hours are increasing, snow drops are glistening and next week is the last one in January… yay spring is in sight! What you may not have noticed is more pages, posts, and things on the “right side” that have been added to thehorleyviews website, so here is a summary of what is new:


Village Calendar showing all the events that you have notified us of. If you would like to include more just email us at horleyviews@outlook.com.  See this weeks two remaining events: Parish Council Meeting – 22nd January and the Burns Supper – 24th January

Horley Village with links to a history of Horley as show in this British history report  and a wiki entry for Horley. Also a link to the map of the  Horley Circular Walk with  information about the village as well as the fields that connect us to Horton. We will be adding a village map and house index, and more photo “views” of Horley. Again if you would like see or share anything you can add comments below or email horleyviews@outlook.com

ONE NEW *Form* under about:

Simply add your comments via Contact Us

ONE NEW *Post* on the Parish Council Notice Board

  • See if you are eligible for free loft and cavity insulation?
  • Also see Broadband in Oxfordshire,  the Electoral Review of Cherwell  and the Winter Awareness campaign.


Recent Comments showing our 1st comment on the sighting of men in yellow coat with fibre cable on Wroxton Lane just as we posted the notice about  faster broadband coming to Horley.

Views – we added some more photographic “views” of Horley to the galley, if you would like to share any of yours new or old please email them to horleyviews@outlook.com

*Other Links*:

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