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Ladies – Donate Your Old Bras…

Donate your old bras and help reduce sexual assaults on African women.

Louise Raper from Warriner School writes:

“Later this month (October) myself and two other students from the Warriner Sixth Form will be travelling to Uganda to take part in the Jinga International Youth Conference. Besides debating worldly issues in order to better understand each other’s culture, we will be visiting rural communities.

Currently we are in the process of gathering bras (as they are a sign of status and so reduce the likelihood of sexual assault) and football shirts/sports gear to take to Uganda, and would greatly appreciate any donations.

If you are in a positon to help us please do not hesitate to contact me by Monday 24th October at louise-raper@hotmail.co.uk – I will be more than happy to collect the items.

Thank you very much.”

Louise Raper