Calling Horley’s Knitters…!

Knits for Kits and Hearts for Hospitals!

Now that we all have so much extra time on our hands for learning new crafts why not start by knitting a blanket for the Cat’s Protection charity or if you are more skilled then try this pattern for a Love Heart for Warwick Hospital.

Cat’s Protection can’t fundraise or re-home any cats at the moment and require blankets for cats currently in their foster care. Size required is 50 x 50 cm  (20 x 20 in) any pattern or colour. If you can’t knit or have wool to spare please contact Sandra Easton on 07841 493229‬ who is currently busy with her needles! She will also ensure that the blankets get to the local branch.

The hearts will be given to patients who contracted Covid-19 and their families. It is an idea from an ITU nurse, Ms Kirby-Deacon, who works as a sister at the Great Western Hospital to bring comfort to families, who have not been able to see a loved one before they die. See video. One heart is put with the patient who has passed and one given to the grieving family, so ideally the hearts should be knitted in pairs.

it is important to use clean yarn and seal the hearts in a taped bag, such as a freezer bag or bin liner which needs to be time stamped because 72 hours must have elapsed before they are safe to use. These can be left with Jane Huskisson (text or call 07984 685127) who will pass them on to her sister who works at Warwick hospital.