Horley Sets up Coronavirus Help Group

Judy Duck with her mask

How You Can Help or Ask for it During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Following on from the ‘Be A Good Neighbour In Horley‘ notification sent on Monday, we now have our own ‘Horley Coronavirus Liaison Group’ comprising Glenys Kyle , Alison Tite , Di and David Marriott.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone is looked after during this difficult time, especially if they are self isolating and need help.

We will be coordinating those groups (Ladies Guild, MHT, etc) along with individuals who are offering support and those requiring  assistance. If you would like to help or require it,  please contact horleyviews@outlook.com

We also want to keep people  aware of the current government policy ie

  • Social distancing for all especially for those over seventy, vulnerable or pregnant  
  • Wash those hands with soap, frequently, for 20 seconds
  • Isolation for fourteen days should any family unit member exhibit symptoms ie a new continuous cough or high temperature
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when you sneeze (not your hand)

NOTE – We will not be providing individual or collective medical advice. 

In the meantime should you come across people whilst out walking who don’t want to stop and chat remember it is not because they want to ignore you it is because they are practicing ‘Social Distancing’!