SOS For Needy Cat

Can anyone offer a kind heart and warm hearth to lovely nine-year-old female cat, Ruby, who is grieving for the loss of her owner?

BARKS don’t usually need to ask, so urgently, for a home for cats who come in under these circumstances – the elderly owner is gravely ill; but, when she came into our rescue centre, poor nine-year-old Ruby went downhill very rapidly, was refusing to eat and drink and had to go on a drip. She’s now with our foster carer and eating and drinking a little but still very nervous. The vet has advised that she can’t be kept in one of BARKS’ rescue centre pens and needs to be re-homed and adopted asap to get the TLC and one-to-one love she’s been used to.

She would need to be a lone pet and preferably with an owner who is around at home quite a bit.

If anyone feels they can help, please email Chris Woodcock in Hornton ( in the first instance and then she’ll put you in touch with the local BARKS fosterer who has taken her in until they find her a permanent loving new home.