Message of Thanks to the Village

A message of thanks to Horley Villagers from Jane and Jonathan Williams:

‘We would like to thank the village for their wonderful contribution to our daughter Harriet’s wedding to Harry.

Thank you to:

  • Everyone who helped to prepare the church and the churchyard.
  • Those that gave drinks, biscuits, conversation, encouragement and compliments to Juliet as she arranged the flowers in the church.
  • The Michel Hardinge Trust for the loan of tables, chairs, tea urns etc.
  • The Taylors for straw bales for around the fire-pits
  • The Duck in Lane Close for dressing up for the event
  • Roger for loaning us his field so that everyone could park
  • To the Red Lion for watering some of our guests
  • Alison and John for their storage facilities
  • All those who offered us additional parking
  • Those who offered beds for guests
  • Charles and David who played the organ and piano in church
  • Those villagers that came and watched and gave reassurance and support as we came to and left the church
  • The bellringers
  • John Reader for his support before and during the service.
  • All of those that didn’t complain about the music (indeed we know some of you joined with the dancing from the comfort of your own homes) or the traffic jams in the road in the early hours as our guests left our amazing village.

And of course anyone else who we have forgotten.

We are truly grateful to be part of such a wonderful community.’

Jane and Jonathan Williams