Highway Verges – Please be Aware

A message to Horley residents on behalf of the Parish Council

Concerns have been raised with the Parish Council regarding items being placed on highway verges, which might comprise an obstruction.  The Council is aware of a number of places around the village where items have been placed on highway verges, and queries have been raised as to whether this is legal.

Highway verges are the responsibility of the County Council, and the County Council have advised that in most cases the public highway includes the verge, and extends up to the boundary of the adjoining land.  Anything placed permanently on the highway may potentially comprise an obstruction, and to obstruct the highway is an offence.  Before placing anything permanently on the highway, people are advised to contact the County Council seeking permission to do so.  If an accident were to occur, such as a car swerving onto the verge to avoid an oncoming vehicle, and colliding with an obstruction, the person placing the obstruction is likely to be liable.