Have your say at the Annual Parish Meeting this Thursday…

Let you Parish councillors know what you think at the Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday May 18th at 7.30

The parish council will be there to give an update on their priorities. They have arranged for updates from the cricket club,  who will presenting details of progress on their new pavilion scheme, Michael Hardinge Trust, PCC and the Ladies Guild.

This is an open meeting at which you are invited to raise any issues of concern. It’s your opportunity to tell the Parish Council what you think they could do for the village.

The agenda is:

  1. Introduction of Parish Councillors
  2. Michael Hardinge Trust Annual Report – Mike Patching to report
  3. Cricket Club – David Beck to report on the club’s activities, and progress on the new pavilion scheme.
  4. Parochial Church Council – David Kyle to report
  5. Ladies Guild – Alison Tite to report
  6. Parish Council – Chairman of the Parish Council to report
  7. Any other business – Any questions or issues raised by members of the public

Annual General Meeting – Thursday May 18th 7:00 pm

The Parish Council AGM will start at 7:00pm in the Old School Hall, villagers are invited to attend as observers only and will get the opportunity to ask questions later at the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm (see above).

The AGM agenda is :

1) Apologies
2) Declaration of Interests
3) Nomination and election of the Chairman for the year
4) Nomination and election of the Vice-Chairman for the year
5) Allocation of responsibilities
a. Finance and general purposes b. Highways and footpaths c. Proposed children’s play area d. Planning e. Cricket club liaison f. School liaison g. Michael Hardinge Trust liaison h. Ironstone and scout camp liaison i. Communications and  Notice Board j. Any other roles?
6)  Dates for Future meetings – 3rd  August 2017,  16th  November 2017,  15th  February 2018,  12th  April 2018,  17th May 2018.
7)  Minutes of the meetings held on 13 April  2017 (see 17 04 13 minutes 13 April)
8)  Matters Arising
9)  Cricket Club
10)  Date of next meeting
To be agreed at item 6 above.
11)  Any other urgent business   

See the full agenda here 17 05 18 AGM agenda