Complete This Survey To Help Keep Vital Services at The Horton General

Could you please spend a few minutes to complete survey link below. The Oxfordshire University Hospital Trust, has launched a on line survey, to establish what services are required at the Banbury Horton Hospital. They have only aimed this survey at the 900 or so OUHFT registered members, mostly elderly trust members.

We fear, that this survey is designed, to get the desired result, to back up their decision to downgrade the Horton, to a day case unit.

Keep The Horton General Group, are extending the survey to all the Horton catchment area users. You may be aware, that there are plans afoot, to once again downgrade, Consultant led Maternity/Children’s services/Special Care Baby Unit/Paediatrics/Obstetrics/ 24hr Children’s ward, at the Banbury Horton Hospital.

Please click on, and complete survey below, then please forward to your contacts list, asking that they also complete survey, and forward to their contacts list. (Local)

Thanking You. Keith Strangwood. Chairman KTHG.