2 Ways to Save on Heating Oil…..

village noticeboard poster [460145]-page-001Save money on the cost of heating oil and help oil companies make most efficient use of delivery lorries.

The Community First Oxfordshire (CFO, formerly ORCC) Oil Buying syndicate brings communities throughout Oxfordshire together to make the most of joint buying power. Not only do you get the best price, but the oil companies can make the most efficient use of delivery lorries (and fewer journeys to a particular community helps the environment).

Members of the scheme have the advantage of knowing that they are getting a competitive price without the trouble of ringing round all the suppliers, and orders of the minimum quantity (500 litres) get the same price as much larger quantities.  You will be contacted by your local coordinator, David Marriott, twice a month by email, and all you have to do to place an order is let him know how much you want.  The order will then go onto a list tendered by a professional oil purchasing company to get the best price available, and the oil will be delivered about two weeks later.  The oil purchasing company will collect the sum due by direct debit after the delivery has been made.

For further information on the CFO oil scheme visit their website here, or visit the Parish Council Noticeboard,