Horley Blacksmith & Horse Lover Combines Her Passions

Horley Horse made loving by Horley Blacksmith

Julia Naysmith has combined her passion for horses with her artistic talents to produce this amazing  sculpture.  Using only scrap metals Julia has lovingly forged and welded together this life size horse.

Julia Naysmith horse close Julia Naysmith horse looking side Julia Naysmith horse looking Julia Naysmith horse






Julia Naysmith workshop

Julia Naysmith works with her father at Oxford Ironstone Company based near Horley. In this horse she has combined her passion for horses, her work as a blacksmith, her artistist talents and recycled scrap into a work of art.  Julia said:

“I’ve always wanted to make a full horse and finally its taking it first steps out side the workshop . All the late nights of welding and forging have hopefully paid off. A full sized horse made of scrap, I love my job !!”

Julia we love your work, with your talent it won’t be long before you are doing this type of “work” full time if that’s what you want. Horley is very proud of you as I’m sure so are your family and all your friends.

Julia Naysmith horse workshop

Julia Naysmith horse head workshopJulia Naysmith horse front workshopJulia Naysmith horse front side workshop

Debra Fox