Update: Elderly Man Found- Messages

Update: Elderly Man Found  – Messages:

Last night 2/2/16 from Maurice (son in law):

“Thanks so much for all your help over the past few hours as we have tried to track down my father in law Wim, if you didn’t hear, he was found safe and sound in the Premier Inn in Banbury.

I am honestly moved to tears by how Hanwell has pulled together when someone is in need. I do sometimes worry a bit about Wim and Margaret being so far from us but now I know they have scores of friends who are looking out for them day and night, who will be willing to drop everything and venture out into the cold to help. You guys are pure class, thank you, and next time I’m in the Moon, I’ll buy you all pint!”

This morning (3/2/16)  from Margaret about her experience in finding her Husband Vim last night:

“I just want to say how totally amazing the Banbury Police were yesterday evening dealing with Wim’s disappearance . They sprung into action within 10 mins of my call at 6.30pm & their support was amazing. The Hospital too when he went in for a thorough check up, 6 hours later. These people get such a lot of bad press but I thought I should mention how totally dedicated & kind they all were.”

Thanks to Natasha from The Red Lion for calling me after she had received a call, I posted the Neighbourhood Alert and connected to the Hanwell Community alert. What a wonderful demonstration of community spirit working with the Emergency Services and combined with social media. So glad that Vim was found so that Margaret and their family and friends could sleep easily last night, I know I did Rgds Debra

Source: NEIGHBOURHOOD ALERT: Elderly Man Found