What’s Next From Inside A Vanished Past ….

Red LionHope you’re enjoying these glimpses into Horley’s past? Some aspects have really changed and yet there is something enduring about our village community that still prevails today.

I have worked with Clare Marchant to “look inside” her book and share an overview of the contents, contributors and the stories of life in Horley earlier in the last century.  Posts so far:

Water tap outside Chapel Cottage 1930s cWm Gunn 2013What’s next?

A view on the changes during this period, like grocery shopping, the decline and regeneration, and a “now and then” view, such as this picture of the water tap taken outside Chapel Cottage.

We will take a look at some of the work Horley such as a Cowman, a Oilman and a Farm Labourer.

There will be a story by Clare’s sister that she wrote for her children about her life growing up here, it includes a story of a couple who lived in Chapel Cottage, and our very own actor of West End and movie fame.

Remember these are just glimpses, that we thought might interest you but there is so much more. It would make a wonderful Christmas present ……….. now you can get your copy right here in Horley from Mike and Sue Patching or at Horley’s Christmas Market this Saturday 28th.

Here are the ways to buy your copies of Volume 1 & 2 : 

1. Currently sets are available to be picked up from Mike and Sue Patching at 2 Gullivers Close (cheques should be made payable to Clare Marchant for £30);  Remaining sets will be on sale at the Christmas Market 5-7pm 28th November
2. Sets are available from Clare Marchant direct (£33 inc p&p.delivery to UK addresses – particularly useful if you would like them delivered elsewhere in the country). Contact Clare if you prefer to make a bank transfer.
Clare’s  address: Shaftesbury House, 15 Circus Street, Greenwich, London SE10 8SN
email   marchantclare@hotmail.com 
tel   020 8858 8529