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There is a lot more on our village website that you may not know about or realise how easy it is to find. To help we have added some tips on how to navigate and search all the content.  It’s under the About page, and called :

Want Help Navigating?

NAVIGATION: This website has a top level menu of title pages some of which have content on multiple pages beneath. These pages are displayed in menus and sub menus when the cursor hovers over the title. Click on the title to see the title page or click the relevant menu or sub menu pages.

thv website

The first tab is the home page where all the posts (or news items) are shown in date order, unless onthv tagse is being featured to remain at the top.

SEARCH : You can scroll through to read posts or you can search using tags.  These are at the top of the right hand column underneath the photo header. Every post has tags so its easy to find posts.

There are further ways of searching in the right hand column if you scroll down you will find a number of other ways you search by word, month, recent posts or categories:search thv








THE RIGHT COLUMN also has:follow thv

  • Picture Gallery of Horley Views that you can click on to view
  • Twitter feed and Facebook links
  • Other links of interest for Horley
  • Links to local villages, attractions and businesses
  • Gastro Pubs

If you want to keep up-to-date with new posts you can add your email to follow the website and you will receive an email every time we post. You can also join  HorleyViews Facebook community, and follow us on twitter, as all posts are automatically shared with both of them.

Remember you can go to  “About” and see the new page “Want Help Navigating?” anytime or just click here.

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