The Ride and Stride – Saturday 12th September

ride and strideIt’s that time of year again and the annual ‘ride and stride ‘ event will take place this Saturday. The Charity’s aim is to raise funds for Oxfordshire churches by visiting as many churches as possible. My aim is to visit 20/25 churches on my bike and be back in time for the lunchtime concert. I will be ‘leading the charge’ at 9.30 this Saturday (outside The church) and anyone wanting to join me is welcome! Otherwise I’d welcome any small sponsorship donations -(don’t forget 50% will go back to good old St Etheldreda’s…) Many thanks and hopefully see some of you on Saturday.

Regards Tim Allitt

See The Ride and Stride .

An annual sponsored event which takes place on the second Saturday in September. People are invited to cycle, walk or horse ride to as many churches, chapels and meeting houses as they wish on any route of their choice.