Another Fab Christmas Market

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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas………. thanks to Horley’s Ladies Guild and all their “little helpers”  for making our Church so special and once again bringing us a fabulous market.

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We were accompanied  by Horley’s own “Wandering Minstrels” who found themselves a nice corner to entertain the crowds as there was no room to play and wander.  At one point it was so full that someone commented its like “Black Saturday around here”.

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We had a very special visit from Father Christmas and his “Elf and safety officer” who also had help from a little Elf in rearranging the grotto. Well that’s Elves for you they should be called Pixies! What that poor Father Christmas has to put up with, still at least the children have been good and went away with a presents.

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The count down begins……………..