The Poo Problem – Cricket Field

See below a further message from David Beck – Chairman Horley Cricket Club: 

You will have noted the article from the Parish Council on ‘The Poo Problem’. 

As the Cricket Club has similar problems, it can only support the Parish Council.

The Club has noticed increased instances of poo not being picked up, poo bags being left on the wall in front of the pavilion or hanging from the buildings or deposited in the Club’s waste bins or just left for the club to dispose of!.

Dog owners are reminded there is a Poo bin outside the main gate.

The Club currently does not have an issue with dogs being walked on the field – indeed many of its members enjoy doing that. However, the Club has a Health and Safety responsibility, particularly as the field is used by youngsters. Therefore, if the issue of the poo and its disposal continues, the club will have to consider a ban of dogs which it would do with great reluctance.

Thank you for your co-operation.

David Beck – Chairman Horley Cricket Club