Horley Parish Council AGM on Thurs 12th May at 7.00 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Old Schoolrooms at 7.00 pm on Thursday 12th May 2022 .
Clerk to the Council

Clerk to the Council

Agenda items:

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of Interests
    • 2022 local elections, following the uncontested local elections, confirmation of the election to the Horley Parish Council for the next four years of Cllrs S.Attfield, R.Barnwell, G.Curd, M.Hamer, D.Raper, J.Tite and K.Wythe.  
  3. Nomination and election of the Chairman for the year
  4. Nomination and election of the Vice-Chairman for the year
  5. Allocation of responsibilities (2021 year’s allocations shown)
    • Finance and general purposes (Cllr Raper)
    • Highways and footpaths (Cllrs Curd and Hamer)
    • Proposed Wroxton Lane Car Park Project   Cllrs Attfield and Wythe
    • Planning (Cllr Barnwell)
    • Cricket club liaison (Cllr Attfield)
    • School liaison (Cllr Raper)
    • Michael Hardinge Trust liaison (Cllr Tite)
    • Quarrying, Ironstone and scout camp liaison (Cllr Barnwell)
    • Communications and notice board (Cllrs Barnwell and Curd)
    • Parochial Church Council and Ladies Guild liaison (Cllr Wythe)
    • Any other roles?
  6.   Dates for Future meetings
    • 28th July 2022
    • 20th October 2022
    • 19th January 2022
  7. Annual Audit
    • The Council’s Internal Auditor is auditing the Council’s accounts for the year 2021/22, and if his report is available at the meeting it can be accepted/approved. 
  8. Date of next meeting
    • To be agreed at item 6 above
  9. Any other urgent business

See: https://thehorleyviews.com/parish-council/meeting-minutes/

David Beck

Clerk to Horley Parish Council

horleypc@gmail.com or 0785 2998172