ARTISAN APPLE JUICE made from your own fruit!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we can’t have a village apple pressing event this October, but if you have a glut of apples and want to do something yourself, here is an excellent  suggestion from Brian and Sue Ashdown:

“Pasture Farm is a family-run farm in Longwick, near the Bucks / Oxfordshire border. They make pure, pressed apple juice from their own orchard and also offer a complete juicing service – They press, pasteurise & bottle your apples & pears to produce your own delicious juice.

 In September 2019 we had a glut of apples from one particular tree in the garden.  As we do not like seeing things go to waste, we decided upon having the apples pressed pasteurised and bottled, as we would make more use of the juice instead of a freezer full of cooked apple. The juice was incredible.  This year our pressing will be made from a mixture of fruit. We will wait and see how it turns out.

If anyone has surplus apples in the village, we would recommend the Belgrove Family’s service.”

Brian & Sue Ashdown

To find out more see their website: